Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

I have a great blog post idea, but had no time to draw it this weekend. Since thanksgiving is coming up, I'll blame it on that and re-share this masterpiece from like 2012. I know most of you have seen it before, but if you haven't, enjoy!
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In 16somethingsomething, a bunch of Pilgrims came to America.

Yay, religious tolerance! How nice!

They brought supplies with them to get through the first winter in America.

They were in trouble.  But then the pilgrims met the natives.

The pilgrims didn’t really understand the native people or their ways.

The pilgrims were also kind of jerks.

Things started to look pretty bleak for the pilgrims. Until...

The native americans shared their harvest, and the pilgrims survived.

 And they were super grateful. For a solid five minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Can we get a history of why anyone ever thought that a belt around a top hat with a giant buckle in front sounded like a good fashion statement?

    1. Maybe it was practical to hold the hat up? Yea... I got nothing.

  2. ...And to this very day, our pants are still tight.

    - white guy American

  3. I remember this post. It's interesting that the pilgrims were refugees.


  4. Did I ever mention how much I like this?

  5. Thank you for posting such a funny story about this day. Though almost all Americans accept this day as a holiday, some don't like it at all.