Monday, October 5, 2015

The Betrayal

Boyfriend and I hung out this weekend, like usual.

Plus, there's another benefit to having it super cold in the house.

Seriously you guys. I've been waiting for the past 5 months for it to be cold enough for Kitty to get desperate and sit on me for warmth. (Sure, she does this weird pajamas-licking thing when I eat breakfast, but frankly, that doesn't count as kitty cuddle time to me.)

That's right. Kitty climbed over me and right on to Boyfriend's lap. Like a heartless, mean, monster kitty. 

Has anyone else faced such a betrayal by something you love so dearly? I'm considering shopping around the movie rights.


  1. SCOP. Standard Cat Operating Procedure. Really, you didn't know this would happen.

  2. Very funny!

    Maybe not for you...but still funny.

  3. It's not personal, a dude's balls and taint radiate enough heat to power a geothermal energy plant. Or, maybe it is personal. Maybe Kitty can smell the desperation.

  4. My ex had dozens of pets, and one thing I noticed back then is that regardless of species, the animals appeared less loyal to the person who fed them than other people who were around.


    I think it's a variation on taking someone for granted.

  5. It's actually a proven fact that cats don't like tension, so they'll gravitate toward the person that likes them less so as to avoid conflict. When my wife first got her cat, she smothered her with love and attention. Meanwhile, I didn't want anything to do with the cat. Or I guess I should say MY cat. Yeah, guess who the cat loves most (and converted)?

  6. That is pretty mean of Kitty. I say next time, wrap it up in the blanket and then just slide it onto you! By wrapping it up it can't escape!

  7. Like Beer for the shower said, cats always go for the one that ignores them ha ha.My cat won't get off my lap at all though but he's more like a dog I think. You need a cat dog.

  8. Who would you cast in the movie? Clearly Kitty can only be played by Grumpy Cat but which stars should be you and the boyfriend?

  9. Welcome to my cat!'s some interesting cat trivia: they are supposedly attracted to certain types of men's colognes, such as Obsession for Men. My husband wears this, and my cat is in love with him. Amazingly, if I put this cologne on, my cat pays me more I think there's something to this. It even works on our neighbor's cat.
    So you might want to sneak some of your boyfriend's cologne and see what happens!