Monday, October 26, 2015

A Week, in Review

Some updates to my life:

I got my hair cut and this is how Boyfriend reacted:

And then the realization that your Boyfriend hates your haircut sinks in:

So yeah, I have to deal with that. 

But then it was my birthday! 

And in addition to last week's tablet, Boyfriend got me the most prettiest necklace in the whole world


AND some adult coloring books and coloring pencils.  Look:

Ok, I know I'm no good at coloring, BUT it's super fun. And I may or may not have given myself carpal tunnel. Happy birthday to meeee!


  1. At least your beautiful necklace will distract everyone from your bad haircut?

    Kidding aside (I'm sure it's not that bad), Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Tell your boyfriend to quit bitching or next time you'll just shave your head. See how he likes THAT.

  3. Happy birthday!

    It'll grow back out. (I don't know you personally, so it might not. You might have some sort of follicle condition that means your hair will always remain exactly as it is now. But barring that, it'll grown back out.)

  4. Boyfriend has much to learn.

  5. Happy birthday, Gia!
    Having your boyfriend/husband not like your haircut sucks. But he'll get over it. At least he got you good gifts. Your colouring looks good. I started doing that too--it's so fun.

  6. Happy Birthday, youngster. The necklace is great. Your coloring is great. Willy Dunne Wooters freaks if I say I'm getting my hair trimmed. I get it done, and he never notices.


  7. That's a beautiful job of colouring! I love it!
    Too bad that your new hair style wasn't well-received, but it'll grow out soon enough.