Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Happy Memorial Day! In true 'Murican fashion, I'm going to celebrate by eating 5 lbs of bacon while jumping my mobility scooter off a 10 foot ramp and firing my assault rifle into the air.

    1. While taking video, of course! Because it doesn't count unless it's on YouTube.

  2. I need to look up whether this holiday is about American soldiers killed in battle... or whether it is also about soldiers killed in random acts of violence in American cities after they returned. Or soldiers who have died while in the middle of years-long waits for Veterans' benefits. Or by other Vets while on a gun range for fun like Chris Kyle. Or from suicide related their PTSD - something that now afflicts one in three returning Vets.

    It's sort of important for me to know that, since a barttlefield is about the least dangerous place for military people these days.

    OK, cynicism off. Your outfit is great!

  3. Not to one-up the ABftS guys, but I'll be celebrating by riding a motorized keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon with extra-loud exhaust pipe through the mud of a protected nature preserve while snacking on deep fried buffalo burger and shooting my 17 guns in the air and pontificating about the type of people who aren't American enough and need to leave the country and throwing Bibles at people.

  4. Your blog is so awesome. This is a nice, upbeat message, thank you :)