Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Probably the Next Jane Fonda

I decided I should start moving around in an exercisey way, occasionally. After all, it's mid November and time to start thinking about those new year's resolutions.

I found a program on the internet to follow. It said beginner, but I think it lied.

Who thought of that stupid torture exercise, anyway?!?!

This shit is harder than it looks. I'm sore. 

Kitty doesn't need to work out, and she's FINE.


  1. When you sit, you can't help but eventually sit-up, which I hear is an exercise so that counts.

  2. I didn't know human legs could bend in that direction. Well done!

  3. I so love this! Your outfit is the best. Do you actually have a pull up bar in your house?? Pull ups are impossible, by the way.

  4. I'm sitting, and I approve this message.

    You know your workout was hard when it leaves your legs looking like that. Did they ever recover, or do you have to wear Forrest Gump-like leg braces now?

  5. Oh, gosh. I've always sucked at this exercise, even as a child. Sitting is where it's at, which works against my favor in the upcoming preparation for winter hibernation.


  6. A+ for effort! I bought some resistance tubes recently, but they are still in the box and I am in no hurry to unpack them.