Tuesday, January 3, 2012

About That Tablet...

So, as I wrote about yesterday, Boyfriend got me a tablet!!! The good news is, I love it. The bad news is, I’m TERRIBLE at using it. Like, seriously freaking awful. I was hoping I’d be one of those people who was excellent at it right away, but alas, I’m not. 

What I wish it was like:

I have sock monkey slippers

What it is actually like:

However, I know that the only way I’m going to really adjust to it is to keep at it, and try not to go back and forth between the trackpad and tablet. So, for the next few days weeks months years?? my drawings are going to be even worse than they normally are. I’m sorry. Please don't leave.

Now, I would like to illustrate (ha!) this point.  
Example 1: Remember when I wrote about becoming a vegetarian? And how I was all about the whales? Well, here’s the original drawing:

And here’s what it looks like when I try to redraw it on the tablet.

Whale is sad because he doesn't like to be drawn ugly.

Survey says: Not TOO terrible, it just looks like you were a little bit drunk. 

Example 2: 

The polar bear I made who cries at wastefulness: 

The one I made with the tablet: 
He's angry at being drawn so badly.

Survey says: Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with his arm?

 Example 3:
The duck. Here’s the original:

And here’s the tablet version: 
Ducky says: Fuck you for drawing me like this, Gia. BOTH VERSIONS.
Survey says: We agree with ducky.

Le sigh. Okay, so I clearly need some practice. But damnit, I will conquer this tablet eventually!

[update: ignore this. I need to host it somewhere. buttons are tricky]


  1. You expected to be tablet Picasso your first go? I'm sure your skills will improve because between the two versions, you're not too far off. But aren't we all our own worst critics. If it means more Gia drawings, I'm all for the tablet.

  2. I don't think the tablet drawings are bad at all. They have character. And I kinda like the tablet duck better or at least the same as the other duck.

    You should draw a picture of an adorable pink chick or something. Also...why don't I have sock monkey slippers?

  3. I have no idea what a tablet even is and I can barely add a photo to my posts, so you could put a stick figure up and I would be impressed. With that said, you probably shouldn't just put a stick figure up unless it's doing something fun, like riding that duck or the whale.

  4. That duck has got some major badunk to it. I think I like it.

    And I like your drawings because I'm pretty sure if I put myself to the task that I couldn't even come halfway close to doing what you do.

    So, I think you're doing a great job. Yup, I said it.

  5. I actually like Ducky number 2 better than original ducky...... I am slightly worried now about the malformed arm of DUHD. (See previous comment on yesterdays post for explanation of DUHD)

  6. I worry about this too, because my wife dug up an old drawing pad extension that I could hook up to my laptop if I wanted to. But after mastering the stupid little clit thing on the laptop, it'd be like learning how to draw from scratch all over again if I was using a stylus and a pad. My drawings would probably look like crap.

    What I'm saying is: I FEAR CHANGE.

  7. I think all of that is concrete proof that you absolutely need and deserve that tablet.

  8. haha Keep at it and you'll get used to it.

    New duck looks like he has some junk in his trunk.

  9. I think they look pretty darn good for just getting the tablet. I can't draw that well with a crayon! The polar bear was my favorite. He does look pretty mad at you ;-)

  10. I like tablet ducky too. And all the drawings are better than mine, so I think you're doing well!

  11. Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning. Usually I'm still at the, "I want to stab myself in my eye 'til all my coffee is gone" part of the day right now. You'll get used to the tablet. New duck has a boo-tay.

  12. I loved both. The tablet versions seem to be diet conscious as if they just enrolled in Jenny Craig.
    I believe you can do better with tablet, you may save time and create more masterpieces.
    Dont give up on tablet yet.

  13. I think BOTH versions of all your pictures are pretty awesome! Boyfriend ROCKS! What a great gift, although I don't think I could manage "typing" on one of those. I have long nails. I'd probably kill it!
    ;-) << there's my drawing ability with a pencil and paper!

  14. Mastery takes practice!! When I tried using a tablet the cursor decided to run all over the place without my say-so, rebellious li'l turd. Be proud of your work so far, and every slightly crooked animal is beautiful just the way they are. :)

  15. You will conquer this! Make it a non-resolution of yours!

  16. All drawings are still better than what I can achieve with paper and crayons!

  17. In centuries to come, art historians will study your work closely and doubtless there will be much debate over whether they are looking at an authentic Mayor Gia work, a forgery, or one of your early tablet sketches. Your "early tablet period" - as it will doubtless become known, will of course contain your most valuable works as it represents the artist going through a tortuous and painful transition.

  18. Maybe the Polar Bear is just angry about global warming. Look at how that sun is just melting his little ice raft.

  19. It just takes a little practice! You'll be a tablet superstar in no time.

  20. Honestly - I kind of love the tablet animals better. They look a little more pathetic like I want to give them hugs. Stop practicing - I think you nailed it.

  21. That ducky's a quack-up!
    Keep at it!

  22. I am probably the only one who sees it, but tablet bear looks a little like Robert De Niro.

  23. What kind of tablet is it? You could always download an app that makes art super easy for you

  24. Thanks guys! I don't know if its good or bad that you don't think the tablet drawings are that bad...

    (It's a wacom drawing tablet.)

  25. I hate when I get technology that I think will solve all my problems magically then it doesn't solve shit.

  26. This is the story of my life with my new stylus/pad.

  27. I know how you feel. I tried to use the tablet I bought last year but it was frustrating. I set it on fire.

    Just kidding. But I don't use it anymore. I hate it. Haha!!!

  28. In your tablet drawing's defense, they're still better than probably anything I could draw on there!

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  30. Never used a Tablet, technology scares me, even some of the things my laptop can do makes me wanna go and build a Wickerman and throw it in as the Godless creature it is. But its pink so its too cute to sacrifice to the dark lords

  31. It's a great start Mayor Gia!! I like the idea of having two versions. There is a story in each of them. For example. The second duck looks like the butt has expanded. Too much indulgence in the duckpond over christmas?
    The whale looks like he has a massive hangover!

    I love them!

    I look forward to seeing more :-)

  32. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I seriosuly could not stop laughing at the Survey Says we agree with you ducky. BAahahahahaha.

  33. No matter what your drawing is way better than mine... I can't even draw properly using MS Paint even if my life depended on it.

    What tablet is it?