Monday, January 14, 2019

Foster Kitty, in Two Scenes

Hi all - I'm back but still kind of out of it, so you're getting a short but high quality post this week. 

Boyfriend has been fostering a little gray kitten for a couple of weeks now.  One night, he brought the kitten over to my place. I shall now depict these experiences in two scenes:

And scene 2:

My cat is a monster. Honestly, I didn't even KNOW cats could scream-hiss.  


  1. Looks kinda chaotic no matter whose house it is!

  2. Nope. One cat. That's all I can handle. Too many variables once you get above that.

  3. Ten cats. You wouldn't believe the sounds and other things that can come out of a cat!

  4. I sometimes scream-hiss internally during meetings at my office. I think that's my burgeoning ulcer(s) saying hello.