Monday, July 31, 2017

I'm Baaaack!

It was nice to go to the beach for a week, but I'm happy to be home. There were things I missed. 

Yeah, it's pretty traumatic for me for everyone when I leave kitty. 

She's not a bitch; she's assertive. 
Yeah, Kitty had a few issues with the way she was treated this week. 

She's very particular about what food goes in what bowl

She's also very particular about belly petting

She's very particular about her window seat. Perhaps you're sensing a pattern here. 

I've humbly apologized to Kitty. I think she's on her way to forgiving me. 


  1. Poor Kitty. Is it just me or do I sense that Boyfriend doesn't grasp the importance of proper belly rubbing technique.

    I have to say your Kitty is quite skilled at putting her complaints down. Thankfully my cat hasn't learned to write.

  2. The pattern I'm sensing here is that Kitty controls your life and that you are not the owner, but instead, she owns you?

  3. Your drawings are hilarious, and your cat has perfectly reasonable requirements that your boyfriend should learn nao.

    My favorite web celeb posted a picture of her beloved cat - who was shaved bald by her boyfriend while she was out of town. And all of her male fans/followers like myself were aghast, like Why is he still your boyfriend?

    Guys, practice better cat care. Your gal (and her cat) will be purr-eased. haha.

  4. You are such a cat person!

  5. It seems to me that you haven't exposed your butthole to your cat enough to ensure dominance. Or Boyfriend hasn't. Either or both of you need to flash your butthole to the cat so that your cat knows who is dominant. Butthole flashing is dominance. Butthole. Butthole