Monday, June 5, 2017

POOR KITTY, Vol. 233563

So this will kind of be an unfinished post, since I'm right in the middle of the kitty drama. But here's what happened this weekend. 

I took Kitty on an adventure with me to Boyfriend's house this weekend. She vomited in the car both ways, as she does. But she did alright with the cats - she managed to coexist without growling by the end of the trip. Hurray! 

I brought her home Sunday morning, where she popped out of the carrier and looked at me. 

Yes, Kitty has some eye problem. As my long time readers may remember, she had an eye problem in 2015 too. It involved multiple trips to the vet (she was misdiagnosed the first time and was given meds that made it worse.) 

I called Boyfriend.

This was a lie. But in my defense, I believe Boyfriend knew that. 

To be fair, I have been monitoring her eye, but I can clearly see that her inner eyelid on one side is puffy and irritated and she keeps rubbing at it. I tried to wash it out a little, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. I'm not sure if it's stress-induced pinkeye or some kind of tear. Either way, she needs to see a vet and get some meds. 

Since I don't believe this warrants an emergency vet ER trip, I'll be calling them Monday morning to get an appt. Until then, I'll be staring at her and texting Boyfriend updates. SIGH. 
Monday morning update: 

She magically looks much better this morning, which makes me think she had something in her eye (vomit, maybe? Ick) that cleared. 

So, I guess Boyfriend maybe kind of was right which is actually SUPER ANNOYING but whatever. Grumble guess I'm glad my kitty isn't sick grumble. (Kidding. I'm thrilled it doesn't seem like she needs a vet trip.)


  1. Sounds like an inflamed inner eyelid -- poor kitty! Glad she appears to have healed up on her own!

  2. My cat has a tendency of accidentally clawing her own eye - yes, she's that dumb, but she makes up for it by being cute - and she'll walk around for a few hours with one eye all squinty and half closed and puffy and then suddenly she'll be fine. Not sure if that's what happened with yours, but it happens around here... well, often enough.

    You're a good cat mom to be that concerned, though. Better than ignoring a potentially serious problem.

  3. Poor kitty. I'm glad that--at this point--you don't need to take her to visit the vet. It's expensive and upsetting to animals. Franklin and Penelope hate to go to the vet.


  4. Maybe your kitty just needs glasses!!

  5. Poor baby! I'm glad she's okay, though. I just to take my pup to the emergency vet after he superman-ed off the couch and hurt his neck. His neck was fine but my wallet was not.