Monday, December 12, 2016


What kind of problems, you ask?

SIGH. Without going into details, this started happening a lot: 

I wasn't entirely sure of the problem(s), so I told my cat-owning coworker about it. She promptly said this:

Kitty is the center of my universe, so I reacted appropriately.

Seriously, I left work early that day to get kitty in. 

After checking her out and taking some tests, the vet noticed that her bladder was too tiny to get a urine sample there. So she said these fateful words:

Yep. The things I do for this stupid ball of fur and claws. I spent all Saturday morning trying to collect enough pee from her to get tested. 

No, she doesn't actually pee into the jar. Instead, I had to replace her litter with these beads that don't absorb anything and then *gag* collect the pee in the jar. Shudder.
It was traumatic for everyone. 

Kitty seems to be feeling better, though, and I should have her test results soon. In the meantime, I've scrubbed her litterbox and everything in my apartment. Ugh. 


  1. Wow, manually collecting cat pee -- have never heard of anyone having to do that before! I hope Kitty is better soon.

  2. As a cat owner I can totally relate at the "unfunness" of trying to collect cat pee. I have up to this point managed to avoid having to do that. Hope Kitty is all right.

  3. You gotta do what you gotta do. Hope everything turns out all right.

  4. If collecting cat pee bothers you that much, then don't have kids. When you least expect it, they'll puke in your face.


  5. Hmmm, collecting cat pee. That's a first. I've had a cat that had a UTI, but never had to collect pee for it. It went away pretty easily. Hopefully kitty feels better soon. And hopefully there's never a round two of collection for you.

  6. My kitty was peeing outside the box. Still not really sure why but it started happening after we moved so I got a feliway defuser that you plug into the wall. The vet couldn't find any sign of infection. So stressful. Feel better soon kitty.

  7. I'm trying to think about other ways to collect cat pee. And that's not a statement on my new hobby, it's purely inspired by your issue and this post. There has to be a better way, like, I don't know, attaching a Hot Wheels track onto her just above her kitty bits and have a balloon at the end that collects the drippings. And that was the MOST reasonable way I thought of to collect cat pee from the source.

  8. My vet can aspirate it through the belly (Needle into the bladder), but prefers a collection. With 10 cats and 7 litter boxes that I clean daily I am a slave to the feline digestive process.