About Me

[updated 1/23. Sorry the spacing is all effed up.]

 Hi. I’m Gia C., and this is my blog. You can read about why I started it here. Here are some imaginary questions I’ve been asked by an imaginary person who reads my blog:

What does the name of your blog mean?
It’s supposed to be “Mayor Gia” because I’ve been told by Boyfriend that I spend too much time in Crazytown, but I told him at least I hold a position of power there, and am not the Janitor of Crazytown.

However, when I’m typing in the address, it starts to look like Mayorgia, which sounds like a small landlocked country in eastern Europe. It may also refer to the name of my Crazy Town.

I guess you can also interpret the title as “May OR Gia”? In which case, definitely pick Gia. Definitely.  Fuck May.
What is your profile picture?
It is a drawing of my pet alligator, Allie. It’s probably my best drawing ever. I think it’s the picture that prompted Boyfriend to encourage me to blog things. You can read an introduction about her here. And you can learn about her twisted sex habits here.

What’s the deal with Boyfriend?
I write a lot about Boyfriend. He’s old and I’m not, which is why I utilize the “my relationship status makes strangers uncomfortable” tag so often. Here is what we look like:

Yes, my drawings have gotten a bajillion times better since this. But I like to keep it up here anyway. (This was before Boyfriend gave me the tablet)
Ok, we’re not that cute. But I like to pretend we are.

Where'd you get all these drawings?
All drawings on the blog are original works of yours truly!

You have no sense of proportion.
Yeah, I'm aware of that. I'm not aiming for "realistic."

You could try.
I could end this question and answer session, too.

Okay okay...I like your blog.
Really? Why thank you! I strongly recommend following me, then.

I HATE your blog.
Well, that hurts my feelings, but ok. Thanks for sharing.

Why are you so weird?
Why is your FACE so weird? 

Why are you so poor?
Hey imaginary person, you're kind of a jerk.

Why are you scared of everything?
What? No I'm not. Just horror movies. And demons.

Shut up.

Maybe you're not so bad. Are you on any social media sites?
Why yes, I am! Follow me on Twitter (I'm a big fan of drunk tweeting). And I recently started tumblring. It's very exciting. 

How else can I contact you?
If you’re a real person with real person questions or comments, feel free to email me at MayorGiaC@gmail.com