Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blogcast 43: Welcome to Cat Talk

Podcast time! 

Unfortunately, we only spend the first couple of minutes talking about my cat. Sigh.



  1. Why listen if you barely talk about Kitty?


  2. I love when you both get existential about the podcast's purpose. Also, yeah, I might have a mental illness for listening all the way to the end, through the weird discussion and search for words that start with "gi". But, ha ha, not fuck me this time as I was not screaming out words at my iPod. If you want to grow your listener base (all about that base...sorry, I had it in my head, now I gift it to you), consistency is a big component and I also suggest maybe some segments. You already have reoccurring themes, you could just turn those into segments. That way, people have a hook, something to latch on to. But again, do what you will, I'll listen because I'm entertained by your interplay.