Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 50 Shades of TMI

Throwback Thursday: Since that 50 Shades of Grey train wreck of a movie is still in theaters, I thought this was a good #TT. Regardless of how fucked up my drawings were back then. 
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For the record, no, I have not read 50 Shades of Grey. But I have read enough about it that I feel like I can be judgmental about it.

The other week I had this texting conversation with my sister:
Sis: Have you read 50 shades of grey yet its ridiculous
Me: No why would I read that?
It’s twilight fanfiction porn
Whats wrong with you
Sis: Idk bc its super dark and risqué. I’m on the second book and its waayyyyyyyyy more disturbing then [SIC.] twilight. Practically everyone I know is reading it
And yes def pornish
Me: It’s bdsm.
Sis: Yeah its even darker then [SIC. FML, how are we related?!] that at points.
Me: Do you know what BDSM is??

Then last weekend, I have this gchatting convo with a coworker:
Coworker: I bought the book shades of grey last night
I thought it was about like wolves and living in the woods, but it's like this romance novel hahah  
but everyone has been raving about it so i hope it's good
‪me: Hahahha omg
It's bad twilight fanfiction bdsm porn
My sister read it and i ripped on her so bad for it
‪Coworker: It's bad?!
‪me: 50 shades of grey right?
‪Coworker: yeahhh
‪me: I haven't read it but all the reviews say the same thing
writing is terrible
plot is cheese
anyhoo happy reading. 
Coworker: hahahahah
I thought it was some into the wild type shit haha
I should have read the cover
What was that one that was a movie with i think Colin Firth
Into the Gray?
‪me: Liam Neeson
I think that was just called The Grey
Coworker: yeahhh
‪me: Then there was that Into the Wild movie with Emile Hirsch
and then theres 50 Shades of Grey, the twilight inspired fanfiction
Coworker: ugh.
Well i did read the hunger games and it was really good, so maybe this will be good too.
‪me: Sure.
Did you like twilight?
‪Coworker: I refused to read them.
‪me: Oh okay
this should go well then  
Coworker: hahaha
‪me: It's pretty impressive though
This woman wrote some bad fanfiction
self published  
got picked up
and is now going to make a disgusting amount of money.
‪Coworker: hahaha, that is impressive
I have the book in my car
I was going to read it during work because i thought maybe it would get good
me: Yeahhhh. Don’t do that.

I don't want to come off like a hater, because it’s not that I have a problem with reading badly written porn. But I don’t want to know that my sister and coworker are reading said porn. It’s like:
My own personal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
Guys, I really don’t want to think about my sis reading a bdsm novel. I don’t I don’t I don’t.

I need some brain bleach.


  1. The book was so bad my wife read the second one to see if it got any better. It did not so she read the third book. Then we went to the movie to see if that changed we have to wait for the second movie to judge.

    In the mean time i'm ordering some good porn on line.

  2. What if your MOM read it? Or your GRANDMA?

  3. Someone recommended the books to me, I read a sample page online and knew I couldn't get through that. My friends read it & loved it as porn. I mean good for them for gettin some, but it IS awkward hearing about other people's porn & sex lives. Hella awkward. Maybe I'm just jealous though.

  4. That book made the rounds at my workplace. Even if I had wanted to read it, I wouldn't want to borrow a copy from a co-worker! I mean, ew. Too personal.
    The way I see it, my reading hours are limited, so I want to make sure I spend them on quality, like your blog. ;-)