Monday, December 22, 2014

Podcast 40: Hacking, White Elephants, and Holiday Cheer

Hark, a podcast!

There's a slight echo issue during this one. Something about reverb. Oopsies. 

Also, we start this one talking about the Sony hack, which Boyfriend emphatically believes was NOT done by north korea. What say you?



  1. Oh, I think it was North Korea alright -- who the hell else would give a shit about that stupid movie?

  2. Sure, North Korea has a bunch of sticks and leaves and its people are dirt poor, but Kim Jong Un gets whatever he wants and spends millions on stupid crap. I wouldn't put it above him to spend that money on hackers. Like Debra said, who else would care so much about a terrible Seth Rogan film seeing the light of day?

  3. I can't help suspecting the hacking is part of a publicity stunt to promote a crap movie. Would anyone capable of two thoughts think twice about it otherwise? Should do well on DVD.

  4. I blame everything on North Korea just like North Korea blames everything on the US.

  5. The word "hacking" gets too much credit like it takes some super genius sitting at a massive bank of computers working lines of code. Sometimes hacking can be as simple as sending a huge email blast to thousands of people in the company and hoping one of them is dumb enough to click on a link that has malware. It doesn't require massive sophistication, just one bumbling intern desperate to look at porn on work hours.
    The echo was weird because Gia's came after she spoke but the echo on Boyfriend came before he spoke. Like some strange voodoo. Though I am glad I stuck with it or else I would have missed the christening of "Pickle-fucking-ope" as Boyfriend angrily implored me to drink.