Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advent Calendar, Third Time Around

#ThrowbackThursday: Yes, I need to repost this AGAIN. While my mother did not give me an advent calendar this year, my sister (who is slowly becoming my mother) did. I cannot win. 

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So, I hate to keep doing reposts. BUT, my mom got me an advent calendar this year.

And I was about to start a new blog post about how this is getting a bit ridiculous seeing as how I’m in my twenties and I can’t make her stop, but then I remembered I posted the exact same thing last year around the same time. And it was way funnier than anything I was thinking of making this year. Here’s the post again. Don’t judge me.

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So, I love my mom:

But she’s a bit nutty. She’s real big on holidays, which is awesome. But she has a bit of trouble letting go of some traditions, even though I’ve clearly outgrown them.

She's good at guilt.
Yeah. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when she presented me with this:

 For those of you who don’t know, an advent calendar counts down til Christmas, with a chocolate in the shape of something Christmassy for each day. So yeah. Boyfriend thinks it’s funny. Or sad. Not sure.

 So yeah, I have an advent calendar. I figured I might as well keep it at this point.

I'm funny, damnit.
Anyway, so cut to Sunday, where this texting happened between me and Boyfriend:

Boyfriend: How’s the advent calendar going?
Me: It’s day two of this delicious advent chocolate
Boyfriend: Is there a Jesus thing in there too?
Me: No silly. It’s dark chocolate and jesus was white.
Boyfriend: My bad.

I opened up day two of the chocolates, and it was a horseshoe. Um, what?

Me: Today’s chocolate is a horseshoe! What does that have to do with Christmas?
Boyfriend: Everything if you think about it.
Me: …?
Boyfriend: Horseshoes are all about being lucky and believing in magic
Me: Santa magic?
Boyfriend: Like that.


  1. Hmmm, looks like you and your Mom both like to force beliefs and traditions on other people! The Boyfriend's still not stubbornly being Jewish, is he?

  2. I'm pretty sure everyone is Christian on Christmas. It's in the Constitution.

  3. Potted up on weed still makes me laugh. Repeat posts as often as you like. I'll be amused every time.


  4. Chocolate doesn't make you Christian. It just makes you my friend :)

  5. HA! I love that your mom is still hanging onto the traditions for you. Someday, you'll truly treasure the fact that she did. Really. My kids all have gray hair now, but I still do some of the same things with them that I did when they were children. The older I get, the more some of those things bring tears to their eyes. (WHAT? You mean it isn't sentimentality doing that to them... it's WHAT...? They're pissed at me? Oh...never mind.)

  6. My friend's mom still gets her Christmas stockings and still hides her easter basket...and my friend is turning 45 this year. Yeah.

  7. Ha! I have never let my Jewishness come between me and Christmas chocolate. Also, my mom still marks my half-birthdays with a card and sometimes a little gift. I am 42. Clearly, this will never end!

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