Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogcast 36: Short and Yelly

Sorry, we got a little behind in the podcasting. Here's one from around October 10th ish. The one from this weekend will be up Friday.

I don't remember too much about it, but I know it's kind of short and Boyfriend gets yelly about stuff. Enjoy! 



  1. 2 things:
    1. candy corn is deliciously disgusting. I always eat it and am always disgusted with myself.
    2. TriGuy's futon mattress was the worst. He always slept in the middle of it so when I would sleep over we would both just roll toward this hole while sleeping on an angle. So uncomfortable.
    Congrats on the new mattress!
    Oh and yes, John Oliver's show is awesome.
    Typing while I'm listening...the best way I remember the story of Columbus discovering America is from Bugs Bunny. I'm totally serious.
    K, that was more than 2 things.

  2. There was yelling? Did I black out during the podcast? I mean it was the morning on my way to work that I was listening, so it is possible.
    Speaking of which, I think I can start a drinking game with your podcast:
    --Whenever you add a new title (i.e. Podcuddle take a drink
    --Mention breaking up or "my next girlfriend" finish your drink
    --An excited exclamation of "KITTY!" Drink
    --Mention of me or Janie, drink
    --Lack of listeners mention, drink
    --If Boyfriend says "If you aren't....then you haven't been paying attention." Drink
    --Referencing other podcasts, drink
    --Mention of hunger, drink and finish a bag of Funyuns chewing with your mouth open.

    Like I need further encouragement to race toward rock bottom.