Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Podcast 34: Pre Trip Nonsense

Yep, stupid Boyfriend is going out stupid west with his stupid son for two stupid weeks. Stupid. 

No, the podcast is not me whining about that for an hour, I promise. I held it in. I did get a teeny bit drunk by the end of it (but hey, so did Boyfriend). Here's to drinking on an empty stomach!  Enjoy!


  1. Cuddlecast sounds remarkably like puddlecast from the lips of someone who drunkenly slurs her words. Some weeks I can't understand half of what you say because you're eating while you talk, and now you're drunk talking. Is that anything like drunk texting? Two weeks is forever. You should find a Temporary Boyfriend.


  2. It's fun to hear you get distracted by your cat in real time. You've drawn about how with cats you're like that dog from Up us with squirrels. You were in the middle of a sentence when you just squealed, "KITTY". It was great.
    How does Boyfriend have that much vacation time? It's like working in Italy where you get something like 8 months paid vacation.