Friday, August 8, 2014

Blogcast 32: Boyfriend Terrorizes the Cat

Podcast time! Boyfriend throws water on my cat and we talk about awful "would you rather..." things. I'm totally incomprehensible in the beginning, so apologies for that. Stick with it, and it gets better a minute or two in. Enjoy!



  1. The Podcast works this time, but I have trouble understanding what you say. Please don't mumble. Maybe I missed something about drink and drugs, but Gia, you sound higher than a kite. I'd like to join in on that.


  2. Bull-Shit you two weren't high. But it was a fun discussion. There were a couple of lines I think you two could use as a signature sign-off. There was, "fuck off, baby," or you could go with my favorite, "don't jizz on a cat." "Thank you for listening everyone, and as always, don't jizz on a cat."
    Now if you'll excuse me, I must fulfill my obligation to create our robotic overlord.

  3. So, so high. So high. I think I got a contact high just listening to that.