Friday, July 25, 2014

Blogcast 31: We're Baa-aaack

Oh look, a podcast!

Sorry it's been so long, guys. But here's a podcast! We talk about things. It's pretty cool.



  1. Again! The damn thing played for about three minutes and quit and won't continue. I know it works for you. I'm sure it works for other people. It's just out to get me. But here are my comments based on the part I heard: Boyfriend, please do not tell Gia not to be a fuckin' smartass. It's her fuckin' smartassery that helps make her adorable. My next of kin is not a chimp. It is Willy Dunne Wooters. Wait -- that means my next of kin is a chimp?


  2. I don't know about Janie's issue, I had no problem downloading and listening. Also, I don't know what it is, the fan noise doesn't bother me, no odd noises bother me other than chewing.
    It's not so much that your daughter is (probably) having sex, it's that she's disrespectful enough to sneak the boy in and create elaborate lies. The most insightful thing I took away from this podcast was when Boyfriend said, "I'd rather have this period of peace before she finds out (referring to his ex) than tell her and not have that period of peace." That's some brilliant philosophy.

  3. Have you tried changing your cat's food? I find that foods with animal derivatives, other than being really bad for her, makes my dog's farts and poop lethal.