Monday, May 19, 2014

Podcast 27: I Remember Popcorn

Woohoo it's podcast time! Unfortunately, we got behind on the editing and so this is all I remember about this one. It's from 2 weeks ago. On Friday, you'll get the sad one where Boyfriend talks about his sick puppy :(




  1. It started strong, there was a reference to your vagina being akin to a self-cleaning oven, but this is the first of your podcasts where I couldn't listen to the entire hour. You know I'm a fan, a steadfast listener. I want this podcast to grow in popularity. Yet, not only were you eating on a podcast, but then you chewed, open mouth, directly into the mic.
    I listen to enough podcasts to know it's not just me. I am not the only one put off by the sound of chewing (wet crunching being the worst of all eating sounds). I understand the defiance in the face of criticism. But this was and is a constructive suggestion. Would you want to listen to mastication (unless it's your fetish, in which case, does onomatopoeia work, if so, "crunch smack drool slurp chomp gulp". You're welcome.)? Of course not because the sounds of teeth and slobber are gross.
    Being probably your most loyal listener, I know the theme of being hungry is as ubiquitous as the "breakup minute", but eating during the recording is like the polar opposite of ASMR (which, if you don't know, look up ASMR, it could be a good podcast/blog topic).

    1. BUT BUT BUT I was hungry! And boyfriend told me to!

      Ok, ok. We'll only eat ice cream on the podcast from now on. Sigh.

      (And don't worry, no chewing on friday's podcast. Just awkward/uncomfortable giggle-like noises as Boyfriend delves into the super sad topic of his sick dog)

  2. The poor puppy. :(

    Also, I agree with Pickle. That chewing, please no more.