Monday, May 5, 2014

Podcast 26: I Found an Apartment!

Yay podcast! Sorry it's late again. We're bad. But we talk about things in this one! Try it out, you'll like it. I promise. 



  1. Here's a "My brain is an asshole" t-shirt:
    It's not very great, but it exists. I promise, that link will not get your Twitter hacked.
    I'm not sure what are fetishes anymore. Is a foot fetish still a fetish, or has it become so mundane in the face of things like crushing or furries or people who want to marry the Eiffel Tower, that it doesn't qualify as a fetish anymore?

    1. Right? Feet are tame (I mean I think it's icky, but I get it's not a big deal). Dirty talk is not fetish!