Friday, March 21, 2014

Blogcast 21: Paleo Wins and Your Brain Hates You

Yay, time for another podcast! And this one is actually going up on Friday, like I intended. Questions/comments? Ask em below. And subscribe to the podcast here. Have a great weekend!



  1. I like that you do the pictures yourself! It's funny :P feel free to check out my blog too! I'm at :)

  2. No one really does those weird sex maneuvers. Like felching, no one does that (even though it is fun to say). There's no reason to. An enema would be more pleasurable. The very idea of a Roman Face Mask or helmet or whatever, the very concept only exists to give a name to what college kids do to other passed out college kids.
    Except the rusty trombone, I could see someone doing that, but they probably have a sexier name for "anal bullying".

    1. I should have gone with "bossy butt" to keep it in context of the podcast. Drat.

  3. "No! We're unicorning, God-d@mn you!!"

    Love it.