Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blogcast 20: Numbers Patterns, Drugs, and Panic Attacks on Planes

Time for another blogcast/podcast/podcuddle!!

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  1. The West Coast is great...the coast. California is a huge state, there's a lot of b.s., especially inland. That's why we have Reaganomics (now known as "trickle down economics") still guiding the right, thanks to good ol' California. Just like everyplace else in the entire world, there are good places and a whole lotta crap. Take the very capital of the state, Sacramento, not that great.
    This is beside the point, and maybe it's just my problem, but your podcast is way lower in volume than the other podcasts I listen to. I have to crank up my generic listening device (I refuse to be a shill. STANDARDS!). Again, it may be me, but if not, I thought you ought to know.
    Considering a great deal of this podcast was about drugs (and beaver anal glands, which is my drag queen name), I'm curious if you have any good bad-drug-high stories. It's understandable if that's too personal.

    1. Holy tits that comment is way too long. My apologies. And extra apologies for this addendum which makes it that much longer.