Monday, February 24, 2014

Podcast 17: Lots of Things But Mostly Hunger

Yay, time for another podcast!!

This one was recorded on Valentine's Day. I think it was pretty good, but I don't remember most of it. I know we were definitely hungry. Enjoy!



  1. Since this was recorded so long ago and you don't remember what you said, should I bother referencing anything? If I said, "Allow me to defend masturbating at work," would that make sense at this point?

  2. Oh yeah, shout out! Thank you much! We've needed a female counterpart to this sausage fest that is our blog for a long time, but no takers. I just have no idea why.

    Also, Boyfriend is a tolerant man. If I had to live with any of my exes I would have just pushed them out of a window by now.