Friday, February 14, 2014

Podcast 16: Bumper Stickers, Seahawks, Olympics, and Rising Wage Inequality in the US

Yay podcast time! Here it is:

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope it's filled with lots of chocolate.


  1. Dear NSA, Mayor Gia recorded herself saying the following: "During the Summer of 2001, I was like, 'I can't wait for September 11th.'"
    Good luck in Guantanamo!
    By the way, I thought this was a great episode.

  2. I'm a soprano. I can go way the fuck up there. Woody Allen was accused of molesting his daughter Dylan when she was seven. He was tried and found not guilty, but the judge said his behavior was clearly inappropriate because he had a sexual relationship with a young woman for whom he'd been a father figure (the one he's married to now who was adopted by Mia Farrow and Andre Previn). Anyway, I think the judge decided that Woody could have supervised visits with Dylan, who has changed her name, but she never wanted to see him. She's an adult now and she says she remember exactly what happened and he's guilty. Whether Ronan (formerly named Satchel, I think) was going to see Woody was up to Ronan and he decided against seeing him. He said it was too crazy that his sister became his stepmother. Mia Farrow has hinted that Frank Sinatra might be Ronan's father. Ronan is so fucking good looking I don't see how Woody Allen could be his father. Diane Keaton wasn't supposed to be 17 in Annie Hall. You're thinking of Manhattan with Mariel (sp?) Hemingway, which is supposed to be based on a relationship Woody Allen had with a much younger woman. The McMartin preschool case was insane. The initial accusations came from a mentally disturbed mom whose son went to school there. She admitted that she sometimes had delusions, but the police sent out a letter to all the parents saying to ask their kids if they'd been touched inappropriately. A "therapist" who was a total asshole convinced a bunch of the kids that they'd been molested. The police also interviewed kids and said things like, "Your friend said such and such happened to him. Tell us what happened to you and you can go home." The kids proceeded to say whatever the therapist and the police wanted them to say and it got totally out of control and included accusations of Satanic rituals in tunnels under the preschool and that Mrs. McMartin's grandson could fly. Mrs. McMartin, who had been a pillar of the community, had her life destroyed, as did her daughter and grandson and probably some other employees. Of course, none of it was true, but there are still people who search for tunnels under what used to be the school. Oh, Happy Valentine's Day.


  3. I forgot to say I hated Blue Jasmine. Isn't that the one you said you haven't seen yet? However, I adore Midnight In Paris and so does Favorite Young Man. Your taste in movies is iffy, because clearly Favorite Young Man and I know what's good.

  4. Before borrowing cash issued from a friend it is really far better to pick which you will need most.

  5. Hehehe, it's been a while since I've called someone Sweetheart.

    God I'm lonely.