Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meditation, Mayor Gia Style

If you listen to the podcast you know I’ve had some stress in my life as of late. It’s nothing earth shattering, but Boyfriend has implied that I don’t always handle stress in the best way possible.

He’s going to give me basics on meditation, but he hasn’t done so yet. So I decided to figure it out myself.

Anyone have any tips for relaxing/meditating/distressing?


  1. You trying to meditate stressed me out. Not sure about meditation, but I'm pretty good at medication.
    (Insert ocean sounds) "Sit down on the floor, back straight, shoulders squared. Now reach down, grabbing the pill bottle. Push down and twist. No, no stop. Okay, it's a different type of bottle, squeeze the lid at the arrows, then...Is it a pop-off? Here, here's a saw. Is the bottle open yet? Great. Now take two of the pills and wash them down with that pint glass of vodka. Feel bett...uh oh. Does anyone know the number of a discreet paramedic?"

  2. My brain doesn't shut off either, so I gave up on meditation in favor of the almighty nap. Remember when you were a little kid and monsters somehow couldn't get you if you were buried under the covers? Stress works pretty much the same way.

  3. This is totally meditation. I googled it.