Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogcast 14: Weed and Wills and Cheese


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  1. You make me want popcorn. So you're just going to be a weekend wino? Boyfriend is the same age as your parents? I suspected he was a pedophile. Just the crazy Republicans? They're all crazy. Please get pain pills. Then share them with me.


  2. I didn't have a horse in the race today, but I'll route for Seattle to win (despite the incredibly silly "Legion of Boom"). Go Ospreys! I mean, Seahawks! Thanks for the support, it was incredibly gratifying to hear Boyfriend chuckle at that nonsense. I may have overblown the backlash in order to set up the mommy blogging parody.
    I won't complain about the chewing into mic (do you guys eat with your mouths open!?!) because I know that only results into a hearty, well deserved "go fuck yourself".
    If you're looking for a blog post topic, I would love to see Gia's recounting of Valley Forge and the rampant cuddling.
    Since this is prescient, what do you two think about the cheerleaders suing the Raiders and the general need or idea of cheerleaders in a modern context?