Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Double Podcast Post!

Merry Christmas - you actually get two podcasts on this post! We had a slight editing issue last week, so I'm posting the one from last week and this week's Christmas themed one. Here's last week's:

(or here)

The Christmas one is super long. You are welcome. And to explain the pictures above, Boyfriend gave me a small present at the end of it. Feel free to guess what it is in the comments, before you get to that part. 

(or here)

Note: I think apple is doing some updating this week, so I'm not sure these will be on itunes immediately. It should get straightened out in a couple of days.

As usual, let us know what you think and/or ask us questions in the comments below! 


  1. OMG--you talked to meeeee!!!! That was awesome! But, Boyfriend, I have to disagree somewhat with you on Adam Carolla. I feel that his comments are more ironic to actually bring up how ridiculous racism is. (Please don't hate me--you said you love me, remember?) But yeah, every once in a while he goes too far and gets on my nerves.

    I agree absolutely with everything you said about Kevin Smith though :D

  2. I still love you, but Adam is a racist now. You know someone is a racist when they bring up race about even traffic jams. Peace!

  3. First, I wish I was able to download these for my trip to see my family. The only reprieve I had was listening to podcasts whilst drinking myself silly. Second (B), when I downloaded the podcast from iTunes, I only got the first one. With just that first one to go by, I did think you two tip-toed around the conspiracy question. Now that I'm back and listening to the second podcast, I thank you for returning to it because the real answer was all I was hoping for and more (and yes, I would give you the status as "one of my favorite podcasts" as when one comes out, I do move it to the top of my podcast list...I listen to a fuck ton of podcasts).
    Why does it not shock me that you shot guns at a Bible camp? Jesus did invent the AK-47, right?
    Also, the nugget of wisdom you dropped in the first podcast that "you don't have to listen to 80 percent of what your brain says" was awesome.
    I totally agree with your assessments of Carolla and Smith. (No mention of the duck guy because, fuck that guy.)

    1. Thanks for the update, I just hopefully fixed the podcast issue. And yes, Boyfriend couldn't live with himself for not "going there" the first time. He's very big on Truth in Podcasting.