Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogcast 8: The Hunger Games and Bathroom Habits

Time for another podcast! This one was recorded before the snow adventure I blogged about on Wednesday. 

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  1. Wait a second, you guys talk off-mic? What's the point of conversing if you're not podcasting it?
    Also, that was the most casual "yeah, I caught on fire like a Buddhist monk in protest" that I have ever heard. Holy crap, man! Do you get skittish around campfires? I would be seriously traumatized and phobic.
    Question: Are there any conspiracy theories either of you really believe?

  2. Aaahh, the pressure of asking a pod-worthy question.
    A compare and contrast question: Kevin Smith vs. Adam Carolla. And, go!
    p.s. if you say my name on your podcast I might actually squeal like a girl.

  3. I can't hear you. You must need to talk louder because my speakers are on. What the fuck is wrong here? Maybe it's me. *hangs head in shame*