Friday, December 21, 2012

Lioness' Christmas Wish

Me: What do you want for Christmas this year?
Lioness: Gun control.
Me: Whoa. I mean, the sandy hook shooting really upset me and Boyfriend too. This was us last Friday night when we accidentally started watching coverage of it:

Me: But that’s a little political for this blog, isn’t it?
Me: What about second amendment “rights”?
Lioness: I’m not saying NO GUNS FOR ANYONE EVER. Boyfriend has guns, right Gia?

Me: Yes, yes he does.
Lioness: Does he have semi automatic weapons? Or cartridges designed for shooting as many rounds as possible without reloading?
Me: Well, no. I guess it would be good if those things didn’t exist.
Lioness: EXACTLY.
Me: But guns don’t kill people, right? People kill people.
Lioness: WRONG, Gia. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Guns do, in fact, kill people.  Lots of guns, lots of people. Every day in the US.
Me: I don’t understand.
Lioness: If the shooters in Aurora or Sandy Hook had knives instead of guns—
Me: They still would have hurt people.
Lioness: --don’t interrupt me, bitch. Yes, they would have hurt people. But a lot fewer people would have been killed. You can’t stop a psychopath from being a psychopath, but you can prevent them from doing maximum damage. Besides, why do you need an assault weapon?
Me: Hunting?
Me: To make you feel manly?

Lioness: Well, maybe. But it’s not worth the price.
Me: But there’s so many assault weapons out there. Even if we banned them tomorrow it wouldn’t prevent crime.
Lioness: Oh, I *love* that logic.  And there will always be rape, so it makes no sense to ban rape, right?
Me: Ducky and I firmly disagree with you on that one.
Lioness: It won’t change overnight, but we need to start somewhere.  I WANT GUN CONTROL FOR CHRISTMAS.
Me: I see your point.
Lioness: Then goodday to you, ma'am.


  1. I agree with lioness, she is a very smart feline x

  2. Poor Lioness probably isn't going to get what she wants for Christmas. It seems this is an ongoing fight that isn't going to be resolved quickly. Lioness makes great points though. Very wise.

  3. "At the very least close the loophole that allows 40% of gun sales to take place without a background check." ~Sheepish Sheep from the back if the room who may or may not be echoing my feelings.

  4. Completely valid and well-reasoned points all. Lioness for President!! (of the NRA?).

  5. Ah! I don't know how I stumbled on this blog but I love the paint drawing accompanying your story!!

  6. I want gun control, too. Guns don't kill . . . people do? Bullshit. People with guns kill. In European countries that have gun control, the number of people killed by guns is so much lower than in America. I am fucking sick and tired of crying over the deaths caused by people who use assault weapons to commit murder. I am fucking sick and tired of being sick and tired.


  7. I'm glad Lioness doesn't support a register of folks with mental illness. Yeah, I'm the danger. Geez.

  8. Best of luck with that, the NRA wants to have armed guards in all schools now.

    A lot of good those armed men did at Columbine...

  9. I agree with Lioness. That is all.

  10. Has it ever occurred to you that Lioness might be Canadian?

  11. This is weird, here in South Africa we were shown news footage of Obama promising to reform Gun Control laws by the end of January. What are those dangerously daft NRA up to now? 1996 Dunblaine school shooting in Scotland. 1997, UK (and Australia) bans handguns. NO. SCHOOL. SHOOTINGS. SINCE. Pass it on!

  12. Can we lock lioness up alone with the president of the NRA?

  13. At the risk of being stoned and/or flamed, has anyone ever wondered why it is that these killers always seem to target gun free zones? Could it be because they are evil and they know they can kill the most people there because NO LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WOULD CARRY A FIREARM IN A GUN FREE ZONE? And as a result, said citizen is not able to protect others who choose not to carry protection (as is their right)?

  14. Lioness is smart. I ain't got shit else to say.

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    1. Okay everyone, let's make something clear - I didn't delete this comment because I disagreed with it (I disagree with blatherbybubbe's comment up there, but she's polite so I left it up. This happens sometimes). I deleted it because it was unnecessarily antagonistic and insulting - apparently I'm uneducated and I shouldn't vote because I don't have this guy's beliefs.

      My blog, my rules. Rudeness gets deleted.

  16. Touchy subject...

    I agree that there needs to be some type of regulation though. There is absolutely no reason that civilians should have access to assault weapons.

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    1. And this comment - this comment gets deleted because it was a long crazy rambly spiel about the first amendment and how i was censoring him on my blog.

      Look, I'm not going to engage somebody who's trying to be an aggressive douchebag. It's not trying to "start" a conversation, it's trying to convince us that anyone who doesn't think just like you is stupid and pathetic.

      When I see blog posts I strongly disagree with (and I follow some super conservatives, so it happens), I either leave a respectful comment about it, or I walk away if I know it's a topic that will set me off. What I don't do is go to other blogs and try to bait them with personal attacks (I save that for family get togethers).

      MY BLOG, MY RULES. You have a blog, Stephen. Write a post about how good guns are and how every american should have a gun and how the answer to any problem is GUNS GUNS GUNS. And I promise you I won't leave any nasty, inflammatory comments on it. Because I'm a lady.

      Good day to you, sir.