Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Don’t Want to Say I’m a Hero But I’m Totally a Hero

I’m not a hero.  I’m just a girl.

Who also sometimes happens to be a hero.

Why, you ask? Well! Well. Last weekend, I was hanging out in my apartment, doing my thing.
When I smelled smoke.
I went to my window to look outside and saw this:

There was a legitimate fire in the dumpster of the restaurant next to my building.

So I put on a bra and called 911 and ran over to the restaurant.

I rushed in the front door

And all the staff was actually already outside at that point, because they had all realized their dumpster was on fire.

There was a bunch of dudes there trying to put out the fire themselves, so they hadn’t bothered to call the fire department.  After I saw the situation was under control, I awkwardly slinked away from the scene and went back to my apartment and watched the firetrucks come put the fire out with their hose.

other hero 
I didn’t need accolades or attention.  I knew what I had done.

Plus, I have all those medals from winning the Girlfriend Olympics already.

You’re welcome, everyone. 


  1. You know what the best part of this post is? That the firemans hose is flesh coloured and positioned in a suspicious place.. made me laugh xx

  2. Ummmm, yeah, Charlotte hit it on the proverbial head.
    Here I thought the dumpster fire was going to turn out to be a metaphor for something.

  3. A true hero puts on a bra before saving the day! I love that.

  4. You are so a hero. Love this, you deserve another medal :)

  5. Yes you are a hero: you saved the day AND drew a firehose-penis

  6. Maybe you could request a trophy, soy our necks could be reserved for just girlfriend medals.

  7. They always say to never assume someone else has called 911, because then often no one does. So well done! And good try to save all the people in the restaurant. If not a medal, a free meal sure would have been nice!

  8. this happened on a bra free day? very inconvenient but I am with Kianwi on this, so you are truly a hero. The dumpster community should be grateful!

  9. Gia - saving the world one dumpster at a time. Slim would truly be envious.

  10. How do dumpster fires start? Is it possible that a certain girl who wasn't wearing a bra started the fire when she was potted up on weed?


  11. So glad you were able to save that dumpster in the nick of time!

  12. Way to save the day! "awkwardly slinked away" haha