Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wheel o’ Blog Topics

So, sometimes I get a little bit stuck about what to blog about. I mean, I have a list of ideas, but sometimes I don’t feel like doing any of them right now.  What to blog about then? Well, I’ve created this WHEEL O BLOG TOPICS:

I shorted them on the wheel, but these are the different categories for today:
  • Potted up on weed
  • Hurricane sandy, what a whore
  • Was lioness not hugged enough as a cub?
  • Cuddling with Boyfriend is fun
  • Yay gay marriage yay
  • Living close to a starbucks is emptying my bank account
  • I would be a good magician
  • Trying every type of cheese is on my bucket list 

First topic:

Three states approved referendums legalizing gay marriage.  You go, Maine, Maryland, and Washington!

And even Minnesota, home of Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, voted against banning gay marriage! Not the same as legalizing it, but YAY PROGRESS!

Let's spin again!

I’m sure that will go well.

One more time!

Oh, did you read this post? No? You should.

And have I mentioned that I MADE T SHIRTS?!? Check out the girl here, the boy here, and the plain one here. SPREAD THE WORD!!

Welp, that’s enough spinning for today.



  1. Not a bad idea, but I'd prefer if the wheel was more like the big wheel on Price is Right. Actually, now I'm inspired, I'm going to do the same thing but with the Plinko board. Instead of dollar amounts it will be topics. I just really want to get all potted up and play Plinko.

  2. haha, great wheel Gia. yay gay marriage! can't understand why anyone would be against other people doing something that makes them happy and doesnt harm anyone x

  3. Your readers are waiting for the rest of the bible stories! They would likely be very entertaining if they were potted up on weed.

  4. I need a wheel like that. I run out of ideas all the time and then I just pretend I don't actually blog.

  5. What if someone goes back in time and stops the wheel from being invented? You need to come up with sort of contingency plan.

  6. I need a wheel o' blog topics. Or maybe just to get potted up on weed. Yeah, either way.

  7. Nice spinning effect Gia, made me dizzy so thanks for that. And where may I ask is the wine on your wheel? How could you forget the wine?

  8. I'm too potted up to comment intelligently.


  9. That was way more fun than wheel of fortune!

  10. Let me save you some heartache on the cheese thing. Do not try the Polish cheese that looks like toasted bread. It is called Oscypek, and it is awful. It is made from sheep's milk. You have to fry it and dip it in a sauce to even eat it.

  11. I love this idea, but where's the one that says BANKRUPT? That one's always good for a laugh. But it only works if you have a studio audience ready to go "awwwwwwww."

  12. I've got tons of drafts for posts I'm not ready to unleash. Sometimes it's hard coming up with new content everyday. Props to those daily bloggers!

    I like the wheel. But what about whammys? Those little devil guys crack me up.