Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wheel O’ Blog Topics II

Time to spin the wheel of blog topics.  I’ve updated it with a few things I’d be happy to talk about today:

Hmm…I guess I should tell you guys the story of the Thanksgiving Miracle that occurred this year.

First, this conversation happened before I went home for Thanksgiving:

The basis of wine lessons

I believe these texts occurred last November (when I still had a crapberry):

Yeahhhhh. That happened.

Sigh. He was right. So I went home preparing for some type of wine travesty. Ice in my wine, non-chilled white, a completely different crap wine that she got confused with pinot grigio, etc etc.   

And yet, when I came home my mom opened the fridge and took out:

Seriously Sutter Home...sponsor me?
A giant bottle of Sutter Home pinot grigio!!!! 

YAAAAY! My mom got it right! I had a giant bottle of my favorite pinot grigio! Sure, my mom still loads up her glass with ice and white zinfandel, but I guess we can look past that if she’s buying me big ol’ bottles of my wine.

How did you guys fare?  Did you make it through the holidays without stabbing anyone (or getting stabbed yourself)? 


  1. Sutter Home is your favorite pinot grigio? Nice. Looks like you're easy to shop for this Christmas. My significant other got an upper respiratory infection so I got to spend my time cleaning nasty soiled's what I imagine it's like caring for a teenage boy.

  2. I love it when you blog about wine! Because I love wine, obviously. Glad your Tday situation went better this year :)

  3. Erm, actually the wheel landed on that black line between the wines. I want a post about that black line! What does it represent? What are it's dreams?

  4. We went to the hub's ex wife's house -- which was great, because I didn't have to cook. Well, she did ask the hubs to cook the turkey, because he does it very well. I didn't have to do a thing. Even brought the new live-in mother-in-law. AND they had vodka! But nothing to put it in. Seriously. Except Crystal Light (ew). And I did manage ONE Mimosa before they ran out of champagne.

  5. I knew with my aunt coming there would be at least one bottle of dry red at the house, so I fared okay. I am glad you got the correct wine. Ice in wine or whites not chilled just gave me the shivers.

  6. hahaha! My dad just stuck my bottle of merlot in the fridge last week to cool it down. Love it!

  7. My Thanksgiving was in October.
    but I drank some wine, properly chilled, in honour of your holiday anyway.
    It's good to be thankful, non?

  8. @Lolo - you have my admiration for going to your Hubs' ex-wife's! My husband's ex recently left her second husband and moved up here to be closer to her daughter so we get the dubious pleasure of her company at all family gatherings - sigh. This year we escaped because they went to the daughter's in-laws.

    Gia, bring on the wine. Any wine. Or hard cider even. I discovered this yummy hard cider called Angry Orchard that is my new favorite beverage!

  9. Congrats on a successful Thanksgiving! We drank soy nog. :-)

  10. Ah, wine. Really the only way to survive any family event. I brought the requisite bottle to Thanksgiving, but when I arrived, there were 2 chilled bottles of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio already there. That's right, the Ferrari of Pinot Grigios!! So I cracked open one of those babies and dug in. Plus, my niece brought delicious mulled cider. Yummo!!

  11. Nothing says Lovin like Moms buying booze for their offspring! Kinda gets me... Kinda gets... Me... Wanting some damn wine!

  12. Ice? Nooo!!
    This year my fam decided to bust out all their whiskeys and other brown liquors that were given to them as gifts for the last few years- bad, bad idea

  13. I had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. Elvis Aaron Schwarz had to work. When he finished, he came over for an old people's dinner -- turkey and veggies, very low on carbs. No drinking because it's not good for us old folks. : ( Thank God sex is still on the agenda.


  14. I learned a new thanksgiving trick from my 16 year old nephew...

    - Buy a bag of gummy bears.
    - Buy a bottle of vodka.
    - Pour gummy bears into bowl.
    - Pour vodka into bowl, 1 cup for every cup of bears.
    - Put in fridge overnight.
    - Bears soak up the booze. Eat gummy bears. Get blasted off candy.

    He's not allowed to have gummy bears anymore. :)

  15. Wait, but if you don't put ice cubes in your wine, how do you drink it cold? Also, you add sugar packets since it's not sweet enough, right?

    (I'm kidding. Don't murder me)

  16. Haha! I remember the red wine travesty of last year. Glad you fared better this year.

  17. The swirling wheel is my favorite image- glad to hear that your Thanksgiving went well.

  18. We were stab free. Although I miss being able to have wine. Dad has a problem so they've become a dry house. For the better, but it means I go out a lot.