Friday, November 16, 2012

Miss Priscilla

Me: Hi Miss Priscilla.
Miss Priscilla: Sniff.
Me: Excuse me?
Miss Priscilla: Sniff.
Me: Why sniff?
Miss Priscilla: You haven’t been paying enough attention to me.
Me: Seriously?
Miss Priscilla: SNIFF.
Me: Okay okay. I’m terribly sorry. What do you been up to?
Miss Priscilla: I killed a fly yesterday.
Me: Oh, fun. What else?
Miss Priscilla: What do you mean what else?! I STALKED IT FOR 6 HOURS.
Me: Super fun, then.
Miss Priscilla: I’m a lean mean fly murdering machine.
Me: I can’t believe I’ve devoted an entire blog post to this.
Miss Priscilla: It’s not like you do anything interesting.
Me: Ouch!
Miss Priscilla: You know it’s true.
Me: I ate a very interesting dinner the other night.
Miss Priscilla: What was it?
Me: A sandwich.
Miss Priscilla: I rest my case.


  1. Oh you would? Here's the test: Are you super aloof? Can you withhold affection at all times (I know the answer to this one you hugging machine)? Do you kill random critters and leave them out in tribute of the person who feeds them? Can you poop in gravel?

  2. I've never seen a stuffed animal with so much catitude.

  3. I agree with Pickleope. You like hugging too much to ever be mistaken for a cat! That's a GOOD thing Gia!

  4. I can actually imagine the cat saying that.

  5. "I would make an excellent cat". That sounds exactly like my girlfriend too. ._.

  6. Oh god, please let me come back as a cat in my next life! Sleeping, eating and stretching all day long!

  7. I only want to come back as a indoor cat!

  8. I would only make a good cat if I was cat that acted like a dog. Does that even make sense?

  9. Do you think Priscilla is PMS-ing? She seems kind of sensitive and grumpy.

  10. My husband has all of his Business students here in China come up with English names for themselves to make things easier for them if they ever go to America or do business, like they're planning to, with people overseas. He always gets some crazy names in each class. He has a girl named "Blue", a huge guy named "Jane", one unfortunate girl named "Finger", and, I kid you not, a girl named "Lazy Cat". You would fit right in in China.