Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey, did you know it’s Movember?

It means it's mustache-november, a month of growing a creepy ass mustache. Gross.

Anyway, it’s movember! And Pickleope is growing a creepy ass moustache (sorry) and raising money for charity! So you should totally donate to  it. Here.

And don’t judge men for their creepy ass mustaches this month.


  1. Thank you so much! And no apologies necessary, mustaches are the universal symbol of the overly-affectionate uncle (aka Uncle Grabby-Hands) we all know that. I sincerely appreciate the support.

  2. Wonderful. I'll do as you instruct and save my judgment of male mustaches until next month... creepy as they are. [No, wait. No one said that here.]

  3. For a minute there, I thought "creepy ASS mustache" meant something you'd have a lot of trouble shaving.
    I really can't grow facial hair anyway.
    I end up looking like Yassir Arafat or Festus from Gunsmoke.
    And that's not a good look, especially since they're both dead.

  4. Not all mustaches are creepy. My dad rocks the hell out of the 'dad mustache.' I couldn't imagine him without it. And yet, if I grew one I'd look like a pedophile. I guess that's one thing I didn't inherit from the old man.

  5. my dad looks creepy without a mustache but then again i prefer my men without those facial hair.

  6. The problem I have with Movember is wanting to ask someone if their 'stache is for Movember but being afraid their answer will be "Movember??".

  7. Ug, the whole mustache thing totally creeps me out. Although your hipster like mustaches were awesome ;)

    Funny and ridiculous post as always! The "penis cancer" line totally made me laugh out loud. hehe :D

    p.s. Btw, this is Alejandra, from Musings in Red. I've split my old blog into two: an inspirational blog, "Parasol Dreams", and THIS book review blog.

    I've been dying to have a blog officially dedicated to JUST book reviews for quite a while, so I'm quite excited about this! :)

    And the reason I'm boring you with all this information is that I'm just letting all the blogs I follow know about my new blog name so that they don't think I've abandoned them. Or that I died. Or some other tragical thing like that. :)

  8. I like facial hair as long as it's on men. When I worked in a nursing home, I sometimes had to shave the old ladies. Yes, this is our future.


  9. Ha! I was wondering why you had a mustache!

  10. Oh, and as far as "Ball Cancer" goes... ?
    I'd much rather have a mustache on my ass, thank you very much.

  11. All the local police in my town are participating in Movember. I told one of them he resembled one of those nice fellows on the sex offender flyers.

    He only sort of chuckled.

  12. You look good with the mustache.

    And I agree with you. I think ball cancer is the same as prostate cancer, and it is, in fact, a better term!

  13. Ah yes, Movember. I posted a while back about it, last year my husband and his buddies grew mustaches, and we went round and round over the ickiness of it. Yeah, it's for a good cause, but those things are not made for kissing.

  14. I'm all for No Shave November. Some guys look really hot with their fur. The sole moustache is always creepy though.