Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So first let me say that this post was partly inspired by this cracked article, particularly #3: Willpower is a finite resource.

And I realized guys, that’s totally true. Remember when I tried to cut back on wine and only have one glass a night?

Well, first that failed miserably. Apparently, I don’t like being told how much to drink. Even if I’m the one telling myself that.

But I’ve managed to kind of mostly cut back on my wine in general. I often won’t start drinking til later in the night, so that I end up drinking as much.

Also, I’ve been trying to eat healthier.  Like salad:

So sometimes you see tweets like this from me:
Seriously, let's be twitter friends.
But as the cracked article explains, willpower isn’t finite. So you can either get this:

Or this:

Not both. And then, to make things even more complicated, I watched an episode of True Life about being addicted to caffeine.

It’s too much, guys.

This was my willpower chart before the caffeine revelation:

But now, post-coffee revelation?


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  1. Preach on. Willpower is overrated anyway. That's why you see in AA they trade their alcohol habit for coffee, God and cigarettes.

  2. Willpower is TOTALLY overrated. Today is my birthday and I promised not to work out until after my New Orleans trip. Now THAT I'm betting I can stick to.

  3. I love this post so much that I want to rub it all over my face and make out with it, but I won't because I have no willpower and won't know when to stop *before* I get inappropriate. No, that sentence does not make sense.

  4. I have excellent willpower, when I want to.
    I just don't want to.
    like, ever.
    And I beg to differ with your stingy wine-pouring-self: wine glasses have a "top" for a reason. It's called the "fill to here" line.

  5. When it comes to myself, I call willpower self-control.

    Call it what you will. I don't have any of it either.

  6. I have none either. My willpower workout is nonexistent. And my willpower to say no to French fries or pizza? Good luck finding that.

  7. ohmygod I am still laughing. Expect a pingback from me on my next Pish Posh challenge post, mmmkay? :)

  8. Oh Fuck that. They can pry the wine and occasionally all the food out of my cold dead hands. And I am one stubborn bitch. I fully intend to live to 115.

  9. Oh jeez. Yup, there's only so much energy to hold off on one or two go-to sources of comfort. :(

    I suggest you hug boyfriend more. Why waste willpower on not cuddling? =D

  10. Fuck willpower. *sips coffee*

  11. The salad IS A LIE!

    I, by the way, have TONS of "will" power. It's my "won't" power that's lacking.

  12. My not telling people to fuck off part of the pie is a whole lot bigger than yours.

  13. I have enough willpower to "not tell people to fuck off" though with some of the idiots I see on Facebook it's hard.

    Why do I even have these people as friends...

  14. I have willpower to hold my pee when I'm on the internet because internet time is precious time. Pee time can be postponed.

  15. Ok...were you spying on me or what?

  16. Funny girl. Not hugging boyfriend every second. I like that. It's cute. Sometimes I have it sometimes I don't. But mostly I agree, Fuck Willpower. Hug boyfriend whenever you want.

  17. I have wine power which is way better than will power.

  18. Oh Gia. You said everything succinctly I tried to say. I feel you. I did the gorge myself but not drink beer thing and that sucked. So I switched to eating pieces of lettuce with a bottle of wine thing. Now I'm trying to eat moderate size portions with a moderate glass of wine. I'm getting there.

    You should link up this week - see my blog

  19. "Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands -- and then eat just one of the pieces."
    Viorst, Judith

    1. Amen! Though I have to admit I was very strong yesterday. My boss gave me a dark chocolate / cherry candy bar from Seattle Chocolates. I opened it and ate half, then wrapped up the other half and took it home to Hubs. Boy was that difficult!

  20. 1. Marry your boyfriend then have children. The hugging thing will eventually take care of itself.

    2. I like salads. I just put some unhealthy shit in them like meat, cheese, and dressing. It's technically still a salad. Croutons are good, too.

    3. Cutting back on both wine and coffee is just stupid. I've had friends try that and it's virtually a near death experience. Not worth it.

    4. Who cares if you watch reality tv. It generally ends up making one feel really awesome about either their parenting or housekeeping skills. I see it as a win/win. No sense in throwing away free therapy.

  21. That second willpower chart looks good to me, but then I'm an all or nothing kind of girl.

  22. I wish I could have willpower when it comes to stop shopping...but's so much fun to shop!! :))

  23. I've been struggling with my need to basically change every aspect of my life and knowing I can't do it all at once. And if I still have SOME bad habits, why not keep them all?

    Keep trying if it's important to you. You can do it. We all can.


  24. Truth?

    I hear ya. I totally hate the bullshit "Health" demands us to do. But when your body breaks you suddenly realize that the "Health" asshole was right...

    So if you are trying to get healthy then listen to that prick. He generally knows whats he's talking about.

  25. Wherever Willpower comes from, we need new sources.
    I need to fill up my Drive more often than I have been if I even want to go out for a spin.