Friday, October 26, 2012

More Awesome Random Costumes

Imaginary Reader: So what are you blogging about today?

Imaginary Reader: Gia! Stop playing with your iphone and blog something!

Okay okay fiiiiine. Let’s do some more costumes.

Ducky: What the fuck?!
Me: You’re an iphone.
Ducky: Uncool, Gia.
Me: Well, you're an angry bird then. Technically.

She’s a cowgirl. She refused to change out of her regular cowgirl outfit, so I decided not to make a big deal about it.

Ellie the Elephant:

You are a terrifying clown, Ellie. Good job.

Lioness: What the FUCK?!
Me: I thought maybe dressing you up as Santa would make you less angry. You know, because he’s so jolly.
Lioness: ….
Me: I see it’s not working. 

And the last one for today:

An angelic whale! How adorable!


  1. Ellie the elephant certainly does make a terrifying clown but, then again, who isn't terrifying when dressed as a clown??

  2. I can't help but think if the whale's halo was perfectly placed over the blow hole (giggle, giggle at "blow hole,") it would be kind of awesome to shoot water directly up through the ring. Party game!

  3. Is that halo attached to the whale's blowhole? Also, the iPhone/angry bird made me chuckle.

  4. The fact that people dress up as Santa and other Christmas things for halloween has always confused me.

  5. I love the lioness!!! But be careful, she looks ready to eat an elf sammich( or does she prefer elf salads? ).
    And, that reminds me of watsizname in Elf drinking the whole bottle of coke! Buuuuuurrrrrpppp!!!

  6. Angry bird... iPhone. I see what you did there!

  7. Maybe Lioness should try Mrs Clause? At least give her some cookies.

  8. I can't... stop... playing... Temple Run. It's like a sickness. I'll get to 2,000,000 points. I WILL. Maybe I can put it on my resume.

  9. Wings on a whale maybe be adorable but they aren't very practical. :P

  10. Ducky looks really unhappy with the costume. Haha.