Monday, October 29, 2012

Mayor Gia’s Guide to Preparing for a Hurricane

1. Say this:

2. Get scared and freak out

3. Play with your new iphone for awhile

4. Create the following emergency kit:

1. Scented candle
2. More scented candle
3. Mini scented candles
[Apparently, you shouldn't ever buy a candle that isn't scented. Even though that means you can't light them at once because the smells won't go together.]
4. Mini flashlight
5. 8 pack of batteries for flashlight, even though two double As usually last about 4 years in said flashlight
6. Red bull. Because if I lose power and can’t make coffee, I need caffeine.
7. Wine because I don’t need to explain that one to you.
8. A pumpkin…it always helps.

5. Get water
I wish I had a few jugs of water, but the CVS was sold out when I went there yesterday. I filled pots. I’m crazy about having enough water.

1. Pot of water
2. Huge pot of water
3. Pot of water
4. Tiny pot of water

But the most important thing is this:

Because if/when I lose power, the clock starts ticking on my iphone battery.

Yeah, it’s scary to think about. No tv, laptop, or phone? I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my time.

9. Plan for activities to keep you busy when you lose power and can’t watch tv 

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to eat all the cheese in my fridge. Because I HATE WASTE.

10. Finally, construct a pillow fort in your living room.

And now you’re ready for a hurricane!

But seriously, stay safe everyone.  I’ll be freaking out on twitter if you need me.


  1. Ok, just saw this post from my cousin's husband...filling the bathtub with water in case they lose water pressure and can't flush...not sure where they are showering in the meantime...

  2. I hope you make it through the hurricane unscathed. If they tell you to evacuate, listen. Also, don't be the person who duct tapes their window, it doesn't work against flying debris and it'll just leave sticky marks on your window. You'll make it. Just stock up on more wine.

  3. Wishing you the best! Hang in there. For future events, I recommend boxwine as a fine accompaniment to your hurricane-survival pleasure. Nothing like flipping the tap on a semi-refrigerated 3-liter supply of Franzia to make one's day... (not that I ever did that during the hurricane season of 2004 or anything)

  4. Lots of blagging, lots of Red Bull, and lots of Angry Birds. Yep, sounds like you've got this covered. Hang in there!

  5. As a former coastal town resident I can tell you that you forgot something MAJOR.

    The Xanax. If taken properly and mixed liberally with that wine, you can sleep through the worst of it.


  6. Might I recommend constructing the pillow fort so that it can accommodate 2?

  7. We don't get hurricanes in North Dakota, but we do get blizzards, and surprisingly, the survival tactics are very similar.

  8. Stay safe, warm and dry! Sounds like you've got the basics (hopefully more than just cheese to eat!) I like the fort :)

  9. I totally forgot to build a fort!!! I'm on it right now! Fuck You Sandy!

  10. Sending good, power-ful, and safe thoughts to you, Gia! See you on Twitter!

  11. I'm more worried about my phone dying than anything else! Good luck!

  12. I would freak out about my phone, too. Then every text, every tweet, or web site visit has to be weighed against how much power will be drained doing it. What will be battery drainage worthy and what will not?? Those are the important questions!

    Stay safe and I really hope you've worried for nothing.

  13. What to do without the internet? Ack!! Stay stafe

  14. Hint for the water... Fill plastic bags and then freeze them. ;)

    1. So smart! I could see the pots of water evaporating!

  15. Find some other receptacles for water, Gia!

    Stay safe!

  16. I already got slapped in the face by a leaf. It's getting serious out there!

    I only have scented candles too, it's going to smell pretty funky here

  17. Why is wine #7? It's my first strategy to get through Sandy. Wind is picking up, stay safe!

  18. Also tip for the water - fill your bathtub up! Holds about 75 gallons of water. Good luck and stay safe.

  19. Is crazyface like a lovey nickname?? Cuz I think I'd get real tired of that one.
    And, don't forget to make room in the fort for allie and the lioness.They need a safe place too!! Plus allie could swim for help if needed.

  20. Loving this so much. Earlier today I started freaking out that I didn't have enough water, so I filled up every single pitcher I could find and put them all in the fridge. I now think I have enough water to survive the apocalypse. Stay safe!

  21. When we lived in the land of ice and snow, Dr. X would get comfort food for me when a blizzard was on the way. "Comfort food" was what we called vodka when the kids were awake.


  22. I'm glad you covered the necessity of a pillow fort. So many people overlook that essential step.

  23. You are awesome - crazyface. hahaha

  24. This is gold. Hugs and dry thoughts. xo

  25. I'm on the opposite side of the continent but stay safe and be careful! D:

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  27. Hope you made it through and still have iphone power!! We were prepared with our bathtub full of water, pots of water, generator and fully charged ipad/iphones. Oh, and many working flashlights. Of course, that meant we naturally never lost power.

    Good luck with the power restoration!! Stay safe. And busy.