Friday, August 17, 2012

Pissy Allie

Me: Uhhh, hi Allie.
Something wrong?
Allie: I’m mad.
Me: Why?
Allie: You’re going to the beach today.
Me: Yes.
Me: Allie, you can’t. I’m going with my mom for her birthday.

Me: C’mon! You get to see me every day. I’m trying to spend spend some quality time with my mom. Wouldn’t you do the same for your mom?
Allie: My mom is DEAD Gia.
Me: I’m sorry..
Me: I didn’t mean to-
Allie: She ate some guys arm in Florida so they killed her.  It’s not like he died! She didn’t even eat his dominant arm! Just the left one!
Me: Ummm…
Allie: It was totally blown out of proportion
Me: I understand.
Allie: Then it was like the scene in Bambi where Bambi’s mother is killed-
Me: I doubt a baby alligator is as cute as Bambi.
Allie: ….
Me: Okay okay, I’m sure it was just like in Bambi.
Me: You’re still not coming.

You guys have any good weekend plans? 


  1. I'm going to Morocco. Should I find you a camel to keep Allie company when you go away?

  2. Oh good lord. That picture was my first smile of a totally shit-tastic morning. Thank you Allie! We should totally hang out...

  3. Baby alligators are so cute. Toothy, but cute. Such a nice smile.

  4. For once - yes! I've got friends coming up from VA tonight, tomorrow my parents and niece come to visit for the rest of the weekend and Sunday we're headed down the shore!

    Have fun today!!!

  5. I'm continuing my birthday festivities through the weekend. Oh and I am hosting a bridal shower which I am not looking forward to at all. Have a great time at the beach.

  6. i think baby gators are cute, especially when they have bows on their heads.
    i'm going to Doha for a week. looking forward to some of the restaurants there including two of Gordon Ramsay's.

  7. Beach birthday! Please observe towel etiquette and maintain a minimum of 10 feet distance between you and the next person, pick up after yourself, and don't play audible music. If you can, trip at least 5 kids and make it VERY obvious when you are peeing in the ocean.

  8. I bet it was Bruce from Swamp People that killed Allie's mom. He's the best. For once I have no plans for the weekend. Maybe sit by a pool and read books during the day and then indulge in some wino and movies at night? We shall see. Have a good weekend!

  9. I plan on vegging on my couch and watching The Hunger Games. Also, I am hoping that I can talk Chris into going to one of our favorite coal oven pizza places. Have fun at the beach. Hope Allie doesn't do anything to the apartment while you are gone...

  10. We are going down near NYC this weekend...not sure if we will actually make the trek in, but Allie totally could've blended in! It would be way to hard for you to sunscreen her, best that you are playing it safe!

  11. Poor Allie, maybe you should let her bond with your mom ;)

  12. I'm sick - but if I manage to get well by tomorrow there's a family birthday party in the morning and karaoke at night... must be well in 12 hours! Hope you're having fun at the beach :)

  13. It was the guy's fault for not rolling with the gator. Allie's mom should not have been killed.

  14. Just hanging out with friends as much as I can before classes start.

  15. I threw a tennis ball against a wall yesterday using a lacrosse stick multiple times. While it didn't cure cancer or bring peace to the entire world it was fairly enjoyable to get outside and move around a little.

    I think I'm fairy safe from the threat of alligator attack here in SoCal. If I ever make it back to FL, I will be sure to keep my guard up.

  16. Oh, Allie. So cute when you're mad. The blue bow really seals the deal for you.

    This weekend? In-laws in town. AKA 48-Hours Pretending To Be In My Happy Place.