Monday, August 13, 2012

I’m a Sneaky Ninja Spy.

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Boyfriend’s on to me guys. I’m not just the wonderfully crazy girlfriend he thinks I am. I’m also a super secret ninja spy.

How did Boyfriend catch me? Well, it all started innocently enough. Sometimes when Boyfriend and I are cuddling, I’ll go “coo, coo” at him.

I can’t really explain why I do it. It’s just kind of fun for me.
Anyhoo, then this gchat convo happened.

Me: UGH my cousin just shared a photo on facebook that says “Criminals prefer unarmed victims and dictators prefer unarmed citizens.”
And it's not like all the gun owners can rise up together and start a civil war or fight off the incoming British.
I like the comment "Carry your muskets. Leave your automatic weapons in the gun shop"

Boyfriend: Even if you have a shit ton of AR-15s, the military, if it really was going to roll into your neighborhood, has bigger and better weapons. You don't stand a chance.
They don't need to use force on us. We are willing victims of whatever the ruling elite wants.

SIDE NOTE: Not trying to get into a gun debate here. As I’ve mentioned before, Boyfriend (legally) owns multiple guns:

Fair enough, Boyfriend 
But we both support some form of gun control and the idea that normal citizens do not need access to semi automatic weapons. I personally wish that there were no guns in the world at all.

Miss Priscilla  Petunia Puffington III does not approve of my idea.

But that’s just not the reality. No matter how you feel personally about guns, I think (hope) most people realize that they don’t actually need to own guns in the US in order to be able to rise up against the government and prevent a dictatorship.

No but seriously. Trying to argue that the right to bear arms is what is keeping the government from becoming a dictatorship-
Said no one, ever.
-is just bonkers. And it super bugs me when people put nonsensical words together to make a “point.”

/end rant

Me: yep
Boyfriend: Hey maybe when you are saying "coo, coo" you really mean "coup, coup" and you are sending a message to me to start the revolution! Just thought of that. Sneaky ninja, you!
Manchurian Boyfriend
Me: cooooo cooo
Honey thats CRAAZY *shifts nervously *
cray cray

Boyfriend: vive la revolution!
Boyfriend: where them redcoats at?!
Me: Hey
all we need are some really big dragons
FIND ME MY DRAGONS! (Yes, a game of thrones reference)
Boyfriend: a dragon would be cool

VERY cool.
Me: You know what would be cooler? Three dragons
 We can ride into the revolution on DRAGONBACK
How patriotic.
There you have it. We have ridiculous gchat conversations. Also, I’m trying to convince Boyfriend to start a revolution by cooing at him.


  1. I love your gchat conversations. Mine always seem to turn into one-up contests of bizarre youtube links.

    I always win though.

  2. I'm a Second Amendment guy, but I can't see the logic of people owning assault weapons. I also don't see the logic of calling it a "driveway" when we clearly park on it and a "parkway" when we clearly drive on it.
    And why is it called FOOTball again...?
    I've got a lot of problems.
    Which probably makes me "coo coo."

  3. You're not just trying to turn him into a clock? ...Achem...that was a coo coo clock ref...nevermind, not worth explaining, I'm ashamed of myself. Hey, those dragon pictures are cool! Distraction works every time.

    1. Oh, also, when I saw your post in the my Google Reader, I only saw the picture at first and not the title and since it was small, I was afraid you were doing some sort of black-face thing and got really scared. Glad it was just ninja stuff.

  4. Haha, I love your conversations. You two seem so coupley, I have no idea how you hide your relationship at work! Also, I'm ashamed to say that I threw my cat at my boyfriend once. It wasn't long distance, and she wasn't hurt, but it gave him a hell of a fright and me a lot of laughs x

  5. It's naughty to throw kitties. What is wrong with you people? I'm going to have a bed-in like John and Yoko.


  6. I am in awe of your ninja skills! I am allergic to kittens (ell, cats too), but find them so cute--that would be an effective weapon against me!

  7. And now, somewhere in the distance, Charlton Heston is saying "If you want to take my dragons away, you'll have to pry them from my cold dead fingers..."

  8. Ridiculous! I have tones of weird crap that I do to my husband. Neve thought of trying to overthrow anything with it though! Really good dragons! I struggle to get squiggles out of my Paint!

  9. Niiiiinnnnnjjjjaaaasssss!!! I love (harmless, i.e. fake) ninjas! Gia ninja is the best! May I call you NinGia?

  10. Reminds of me when my girlfriend will spout random Korean words at me (even though neither of us are Korean) and she does it simply because she knows I can't stand it. ._.

  11. I'm afraid that the cooing might actually be a signal for the Pigeons to take over...

  12. I happily ignored every single thing about guns in this post and, instead, focused on you coo coo-ing Boyfriend while you cuddle. So cute! :)

  13. I love ninja you!
    since I'm a peace loving Canuck, I don't know anyone, except redneck valley hunters, who own guns. and if they decide to take over....we could probably just distract them by throwing a few cold Coors at them.
    oh wait, not true. the hubs has a big gun.
    wait -- seriously. it's not like that...he's a cop.
    oh crap..."Coo Coo....I got a Coors, I got a Coors."

  14. I'm so glad I came across your blog. That was highly entertaining.

    "Also, don't fuck with me."

    hahaha That was great!

  15. Love the kitten throwing idea. As long as no kittens are harmed. Maybe we could throw rabid racoons at each other.

  16. Bahaha. I love that you have a secret relationsip phrase. My constant phrase is a lot more obvious for my need for constant reassurance..."Do you love me" *I just said I did 5 minutes ago!* 5 minutes later... "Would you still love me if I was suddenly incontinent?" *What?!* and on and on it goes...

    My poor hubs. BAhahahaha.

    I think there should be an organized facebook coup - just for fun. Overthrow all gov'ts.

  17. Good to see you back on the Yeah Write grid, Gia! Laughed at the throwing kittens idea, though in truth I'd be terrified if someone threw a kitten at me. I guess I could throw it back, though, which puts it one-up on guns.

  18. Ooh, controversy!
    What if you don't have kittens, can you throw your dog? Mine is a giant dog that's like Lassie (I can't really ever remember what sort of dog that is). I don't know if I can pick him up. Maybe I'll ask my husband to make some sort of spring-loaded trebuchet for when the war comes.

  19. Love this! So funny... and kittens are totally weapons because they are so darn unpredictable and don't know the rules of civilized conflict.

  20. Big Gun and little gun... it is all how you use them

  21. Very creative. I love the throwing cats too!

  22. I completely agree with you on the gun thing, but the coo coo stuff? That's just crazy.

  23. Whoa! I'd love to spend some time in your creative mind! Bring on the kitten throwing ...

  24. Oh, the poor little kittens! But really, it might be more lethal than you think, because you know they would have all claws released once they were launched in the air.

    Great post, as always...

  25. Can water guns be used in this revolution?

  26. I love that dragons have been added to your arsenal of characters. And there names are pretty damn awesome.

  27. I think I have Miss Priscilla Petunia Puffington III's long lost sister. Does she "purr" with stuff rolling around in her head?

  28. Let's make facebook event about it ROFL!!