Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awards, Announcements, and Other Things

So. I have some things going on right now. First of which is the fact that I moved (yay!) but I do not have reliable internet for oh three weeks.

Secondly, I’ve been given the opportunity to possibly do some freelancing. Sadly, that means more work for me, but also more money. So I won’t have to choose which bills to pay any given month.

I shall request to be paid in singles.
This isn’t definite yet (I still have to interview, so I’ll probably eff it up). But I’m really excited by the prospect of buying a futon that doesn’t physically pain Boyfriend.

Thirdly, it’s summer. Which means I like being outside. Even though it means this:

And from reading your blogs, I know that lots of you are doing interesting summery things right now.  (Also, I hope that’s why my pageviews have dipped as of late and you’re not bored with me…please?)

So, what does this mean for the blog? I’m switching to a summer posting schedule. What’s that, you ask? Well, I just made it up. It means that you’ll be getting 2-3 posts from me a week instead of 4-5. I’m thinking I’ll try to keep to a MWF blogging schedule, but no promises. It won't be that traumatic, I promise. And if you're newish and love me and want more, I strongly recommend checking out the archive as well as some of my top posts on the sidebar ---->

Okay, that was the announcement part. Now for the awards! I’ve been freaking terrible at passing on awards over the last few months. And it’s not because I don’t appreciate them (I very much do), it’s because I’m lazy. Anyway, I’d like to thank the following:

Ach Du Lieber, Jayne!  and My Baffling Brain for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Following the Masala for the Liebster Award:

Attracted to Shiny Things  and Muppets for Justice for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Bat Crap Crazy for the Tell Me About Yourself Award:

And Miss Priscilla Petunia Puffington III would like to give some away.

She's very excited.
Miss Priscilla: I thought you forgot about me!
Me: Of course not. I haven’t forgotten about you or Popsicle or Allie or Ducky or any of you.
Miss Priscilla: You LEFT ME IN A BOX.
Me: I already explained that. I was moving.
Miss Priscilla: Sniff. It was cardboard.
Me: Don’t cats love those?
Miss Priscilla: Not the point. Next time, I shall require a platinum diamond-encrusted kitty carrier.
Me: Sure sure.
Miss Priscilla: And if you start freelancing, I shall be expecting caviar.
Me: That’s top of my list, Miss Priscilla.
Miss Priscilla: Good! Wait, are you being sarcastic to me?
Me: Look, can you give these awards away puhleeeze?!
Miss Priscilla: Fine! I shall bestow these awards on the following blogs:
Liebster Blog Award -  A Touch of Embellishment 
Kreativ Blogger -  The Pish Posh  and Abby Has Issues and Texts From Dog
Versatile Blogger -   Jen E Sais Quoi and Crazy Tragic Almost Magic 
Tell me About Yourself Award -  Kat O' Nine Tales
Me: Would you like to explain why?
Miss Priscilla: I would not.
Me: Well, I know that A Touch of Embellishment is a hilarious illustrated blog. The Pish Posh is full o’ funny and she does drawings as well. Abby Has Issues reminds me of myself so much sometimes it's creepy. Jen E Sais Quoi is also all about the hilarity, especially when she blogs about random shit she and her friends say. Texts from Dog isn’t exactly a blog, but I love me some talking animals. Kat O Nine Tales – how can you not love someone who creates “Writes like a Slut” tshirts? And Crazy Tragic Almost Magic – very awesome blog. One of the first I followed.
Miss Priscilla: That’s nice. You don’t have any of those cardboard boxes lying around still, do you?


  1. Do I say, "that's great, congratulations," or "that's frustrating," or a mix of both? Yeah, that's it, a mix of both. And congratulations to those blogs who were also awarded.

  2. congratulations on all those awards and enjoy your summer !

  3. Big props for setting a tentative schedule, as I'm pretty sure I couldn't really blog on demand. I wish I could, but it would probably be crap.

    Anyway, yay for hopefully more money but boo for sun rash. Does that even out in some way? At any rate, congrats on your awards. Make it rain, be-otch.

  4. Congratulations all around for the awards as well as the possible freelance job:)

    it's no fun with you having limited Internet access so I hope the three weeks go by fast. Also, I'm happy that you're choosing a M/W/F schedule because there are a lot of people posting on Thursdays all ready - so it's great to have things spread out a bit!

  5. ::picks up jaw:: Me?! Thanks a million!

    I like the "summer schedule" idea. I've been so lax on posting lately. It's like I'm one of those girls that has a new boyfriend and I'm too busy to hang out. New boyfriend being summer.

  6. Thanks, Gia! You make me feel so special! Good luck on the interview!

  7. I feel you on the summer schedule. I might cut back to 2x a week. It's outside time!

    So glad you moved and that nightmare is over! What a pain. No roommate now right? I hate moving. Might do it in a month.

    Good luck on your interviews! Don't be like me and eff it up :)

    Thank you for the award and I hope you get less scratchy and red as the summer goes by :)

  8. Congrats on the awards, and good luck on the interview! And good for you on creating the summer schedule - I've been having a minor freak-out over what I'm going to do about blogging once the kids are out of school, because I don't have enough closet space for all of them. I'm slowly realizing I might have to loosen my death-grip on the computer. Dumb kids.

  9. Thank you for the shout out and the award! Hop you're getting settled in and congrats on the freelancing gig. :)

  10. Congrats on all the awards and good luck with the interview!

  11. Does "freelancing gig" = stripping? Because, yeah, I'm pretty sure you're good with that "all ones" request. ;)

  12. Good luck with the freelancing job!

  13. LOL Goodluck with the freelance interview and summer schedule :)

  14. I'm not having any summer fun. We're having a tropical storm. When it's over, it will be much too hot to go outside. You are the most exciting thing in my life.

    Janie Lola

  15. Congratulations. You deserve all those awards and more. I was thinking of making up an award. I would call it...the Great Burrito Award.

  16. I'm in Disneyland and still making reading your blog a priority. What the hey is wrong with people?

    1. Jen . . . please take pictures of the crazies and send them to me. I love me some Disney wackiness!! Those people are better than Walmart sometimes. :)

  17. It's always normal for page views to drop off in the summer--people are outside getting fresh air or some shit like that--so don't worry, we all still love you.~

    Thank you so much for the award, sweetie! =)

  18. I just found you and now you're slowing down? Damn!