Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi all! Pigletta made her first appearance on the blog yesterday. Time to learn a bit more about her:

Me: Hi Pigletta
Pigletta: Howdy!
Me: Uh, how’s it going?
Pigletta: Just dandy!
Me: …Are you southern?
Pigletta: Kind of?
Me: What’s that mean?
Pigletta: It means if Gia was trying to make a character that had a southern accent but had no real idea of what that sounded like beyond ‘howdy’ and ‘y’all,’ it’d sound like me.
Me: …Really? I mean,  you sound pretty southern to me…
Pigletta: That’s enough, Gia.
Me: Okay okay.  Tell me a little about yourself.
Pigletta: I like eating.
Me: Good for you!
Pigletta: Especially adulteresses. And whores. And multiple wives.
Me: I love you, Pigletta.
Pigletta: Y’all are too sweet.
Why’d you make me say that, Gia?!
Me: I’m trying something new here. Stop hatin’.
Pigletta: Next time we talk you better either make me drop the accent or draw a cowboy hat and some boots on me.
Me: Fair enough.


  1. I vote to add the clothing!

  2. Daisy Duke Shorts for Pigletta!!!

  3. Oh, I agree with the Daisy Duke shorts!

  4. You know there are several varieties of accents in the south, right? What am I saying, you already chided yourself via your multiple personalities for inaccuracy.
    I agree with hoodyhoo, if you can draw Pigletta wearing daisy dukes, you would truly set yourself apart as a master of your craft.

  5. Pickleope is right.

    What Pigletta needs is a Georgia accent...rounded off by decades in Mississippi. There are several examples on my own patch...the Sister even makes one appearance. That's the accent you want.

  6. "fixin to". That's my southern phrase that I can't purge. "I'm fixin to go to the store".
    "I'm fixin to eat me some spam."
    "I'm fixin to jump off a bridge if I can't stop ruining my image with this phrase."

  7. Hand up for the Daisy Dukes. She'd be sizzlin!
    Oops, sorry for the bacon reference, Pigletta.

  8. All hail Pigletta and her sister wife eating skills. Wait. I'm a sister wife. She's not coming after me and my girls, is she? I promise, I have no interest in adding Boyfriend to our eventual Canadian commune. Bradley Cooper is the only man for us! I'm safe now, right? Right???

  9. Ah, the things I could teach Pigletta. As I used to be a hillbilly, before that was an offensive word, I developed the OLD SOUTHERN accent. (nothing like the TX accent that I developed as an adult. If Pigletta would actually eat the six wives and a true southerner askes her about it it would sound like this....

    Whatchaeatin, Pigletta? AWWW you oughtn't of dun that, that shur nuf ain't bein friendly like. I betcha that's not how your mama raised ya. Guessin ya won't be fixin to eat the mess of greens I just fixed as you dun spoiled your appetite.

  10. I'm sorry. I see pig and all I can think about is ham and bacon.

    I wish I ate breakfast today....

  11. @Cheryl - priceless! I could read that silently and still HEAR the accent. Awesome!

  12. Wow, Pigletta makes you sound like such a pushover. Yay Pigletta!

  13. Pigletta is very pretty. i love the lashes :)

  14. Why'd you make me say that Gia? She's cute - I want bacon now

  15. Bless your heart, pigletta, but I do believe you're naked.

  16. I think Pigletta is my favorite non-real person/pig ever. If she could eat my husbands zombieslut, I'd be much obliged. Which, btw, she should say if she's Southern. Especially when anyone hands her a drink! Mayor, bring her over! I'll pay for the flight! I promise to have wine!

  17. Did a sister wife actually comment you? Was that a joke I am too stupid to get? If it's true, it just made my day.

  18. I can just hear her sounding like one of the roadies for the Marshall Tucker Band. I see a straw hat with a straw sticking out her mouth. Maybe overalls.

  19. I vote for overalls and a John Deere cap.

  20. I think I need a pigletta in my life. She can eat up people that bug me (yes, it would bug me if my husband went to Utah and picked up 6 sister-wives).

    Great post!


  21. I want some bacon.

    Wait! I didn't say that! Don't hate me, Pigletta!!!

  22. We have so much in common! I like eating too!

    I would like to see a cowboy hat on pigletta

  23. I vote cowboy boots and a hat. YeeHaw! lol

  24. If she's southern she definitely needs a cowboy hat!

  25. I'm suddenly in the mood for buttermilk biscuits. o_O

    -Barb the French Bean

  26. Ahhh: stabby hungry. I may have to steal that adjective. I know the feeling. I FUCKING REALLY HATE BAD SERVERS. I WAS a server and this new generation WHY, as I call them, are too self entitled and lazy and all need a slap on their wheat buns if you ask me!!!