Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad Poetry Thursday: Wives

It’s time for another bad poem! This one is inspired by Boyfriend’s recent trip to Utah.

Boyfriend, I’m happy you’re back!
And you’re just so funny,
Saying you picked up six wives,
Six weddings? Oh honey!

I mean, I know you’re just teasing
About Sarah, Becky, and Loretta.
But if I catch you with any wives
I’ll be feeding them to Pigletta.

Thanks to Pickleope for the pig suggestion!


  1. Pigs are great for disposing corpses, as I learned from watching Snatch.

  2. *wipes stray tear from eye* so touching......

  3. just chop them up nicely and the pig can do the job!

  4. Until I watched Deadwood, I never realized that pigs were THE way to dispose of a body.
    Good to know.

  5. Pigs are lethal. I work with them. Vicious animals, really.

  6. Pigletta is so deliciously deceptive. She looks so cute, but she will totally eat a bitch. She also is just plain delicious. Because she also can be made into bacon. Imagine the satisfaction of technically eating your foes. No, that's only me? Alright, carry on.

  7. you need to set this to a rap beat

  8. I used to help on my uncle's ranch and one of my jobs was feeding the pigs. They weren't cute little creatures(I like Gia's version better!). These monsters came up to my knees and weighed more than I did. If you valued your life you did NOT get into the pen with them at feeding time. That's why pig slop is nearly liquid -- so it will pour into their trough easily from outside the pen.

  9. Feed human whore bacon to a pig!

  10. This is truly beautiful, Gia. You really paint a picture with your words.