Friday, March 23, 2012

POP QUIZ: Boyfriend or Burrito?

So, I was planning on updating everyone on the March Madness standings today. BUT as I learned after Wednesday, very few of my readers actually know what March Madness is. #bloggerfail. I don’t want to bitch about moving right now because I’m tired of doing that even though yes, I’m still poor and will be homeless soon. So I decided to talk about two of my favorite things: Boyfriend and Burritos.

You taste delicious
In every single way
Freshly made or heated up
You really make my day


Damn youse a sexy bitch
I love it when we hang
Going out or staying in
But especially when we *redacted*
So, let’s play a game.
 I’m going to say something, and you can guess whether I’m talking to Boyfriend or a Burrito. Answers are below but quiz yourself ‘cuz its fun.

1. Your cheesy goodness tastes delicious.

2. I want you inside me.

3. You’re bigger than I remember.

4. I like having wine with you.

5. Am I drunk? Yes, right?

6. Can’t wait to see you again.


8. Do you think I’d like your friends?

9. I want to make sweet, sweet love to you.

10. I want you again. Soon.

1. Burrito. I started off easy.
2. Burrito! It was a curveball. Inside me =inside my belly. Remember the Thanksgiving Food Baby:

[Okay, okay. I say that to Boyfriend too.]
3. Burrito. Seriously, it’s huge remember:

4. Boyfriend. Drinking with him is fun.
5. Boyfriend. I wouldn’t ask a burrito that, what does it know?!?          
6. Boyfriend. Would I really want to see the burrito * again *? Come on. Gross.          
7. Burrito. I have acid reflux.
8. Burrito. By “friends” I mean “tacos.” I’m tempted to order the taco next time we go there.
9. Boyfriend. Did anyone really get this one wrong?!? Come on. I like burritos, but not THAT much.
10. Trick question. Both.      

0 = Aw, like my March Madness post, you probably didn’t understand the game. Sad for you.
1-3 = How much do you think I like burritos?!?!
4-6 = So you pretty much flipped a coin each time, eh?
7-9 = YAY! You’re awesome.  You win the satisfaction of knowing that. Treat yourself to a burrito.
10 = You’re a dirty liar. You did NOT get them all.
So tell me: how did you do?


  1. Woohoo!!! I get to treat myself to a veggie burrito from Chipotle!!! I'm actually kind of freaked out that I got so many right...what does that mean?! Am I a stalker or a fan?

  2. I got 6.
    I'm not convinced you haven't said more of those things to burritos though.

  3. 5 - mediocre....I will still get a burrito

  4. Ewwwwwww. Now I'm thinking of sexing a burrito. The fact that you even made us associate the burrito with your boyfriend...I mean, things like "Your cheesy goodness tastes delicious"? Eeeeewwwwww. And with #3, you could have thrown your boyfriend a bone there and said that was about him. But I get it, this is a family friendly blog.

    1. Haahaha its okay, Boyfriend knows how much I like certain parts of him...

  5. you're bigger than i remember ? lol
    i got a 7 :)

  6. So disappointing that March Madness was a fail. I liked it!

    I scored a 50% on your quiz.

    And acid reflux sucks ass don't it?

  7. I guessed burrito for everything. Number 9 was especially confusing.

  8. Well, that was a fun little quiz. I would have had to use the words "chocolate cake" and "husband", but it would have been just about the same.

  9. this was very amusing. i love me a burrito too! get in mah bellay!
    as for #9, i hoped that if the answer was burrito, then it would have to be one of those that's very tightly wrapped. one wouldn't want that to come apart during the loving.

  10. Yeah, I cheated. So, I'm gonna say I got them all? Yeah, let's go with that!

    But now I am having disturbing thoughts of you and boyfriend WITH a burrito in bed. Make the bad images stop, Gia. NO!!!

  11. You lie. #1 is totally your boyfriend. If not, you need to say that to him (in a sexy tone) and see how he reacts.

  12. We can just pretend that I didn't keep score. But I went with Boyfriend for most of the answers - more fun that way!

  13. I DO deserve a burrito and I WILL treat myself. Alhtough I think I'm just going to keep it in the family and get some food love on with the tacos.

  14. I kind of feel like this was a delicious version of "The Newlywed Game." I have also said most of those things recently, but they've all been to food. Perhaps I need a boyfriend. Then again, why when there's food? ;)

  15. I got six questions right. No coin was required. ^.^

    -Barb the French Bean

  16. I only got five, but that is because I would say each of those lines to a burrito, so I thought maybe you went really tricky on us and every one was directed at a burrito. :)

  17. Hummmmmm..... I actually answered Burrito for everything..... They are just far too awesome!

  18. I thought every answer was burrito. How can people not know what March Madness is? I'm totally ignorant about almost everything, but I know March Madness.


  19. Huh, I'm not really a burrito person, but I want one. Now.

  20. I lost track of my score. But I got the "I want you inside me" right! Ha!

    Also, I have acid reflux too. Last night at work, I ate a lot of pizza! Kind of regretting it now.

  21. I got most of them right because I am awesome.

  22. I'm dirty... I got them all! But then I rock to epic proportions. Not only did I kick ass on the quiz (why weren't they like this is school?) but I ALSO know what March Madness is. Not to mention I lurve burritos too.

    I know, I know. My awesomeness knows no bounds

  23. Looks like I'm pretty awesome ;) hahahaha

  24. i love how random this is! :-)

  25. loving the random brilliance of this...I got 7...just, flipping a coin did help on one answer

  26. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  27. Hahaha, I *really* like this game. Also I'd go with the burrito.

  28. I guessed burrito for everything too. I've been disappointed. =P