Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad Poetry Thursday: An Ode to Wine

I like bad poetry. I’m thinking of bringing it back as a recurring feature on the blog. I already covered Boyfriend and an Ode to a Burrito, so now we’re tackling another of my favorites: wine.

An Ode to Wine

Oh, wine wine wine wine
You’re so fine fine fine fine
Your hangovers are vicious
But you taste so delicious
You’re the yummiest drink of mine (mine mine mine).

Was I drunk when I wrote this? Surpringsly, no. Did I want to be? Unsurprisingly, yes.


  1. Yeah, but wine is no chocolate.

  2. You need to get hammered and do at least one revision.

  3. Wine hangovers are truly the worst.

  4. Sure, you call this bad poetry, but you know that somewhere on the blogosphere there's much, much worse. It was written by a hipster, and they think it's solid gold. At least yours is funny and rhymes.

    Giant corporate robot
    Suckling America's teat
    I must have the new iPad
    The robot he is me

  5. Bad? I don't understand this "bad." I think it is a brilliant ode to my oh so favoritest of beverages!! Bravo!

    (What would be even better is if you would offer me a glass of said beverage with the poem, though. Maybe next time.)

  6. I'm a total fan of bad Gia poetry. Other bad poetry... not so much... but Gia's is so good!

  7. A limerick?

    In any case, this is brilliant. Much better than half of the lyrics written for today's pop music.

    -Barb the French Bean

  8. You are the poet that those "BE A WRITER NOW!" ads in the back of magazines dream about. Bravo!

  9. Love it. With the right beat you could sell the lyrics to Fergie or Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz.

  10. Hilarious. And... you really capture that universal feeling with your use of the word "wine" :P

  11. I myself have dabbled in poetry
    And trust me, this one doesn't suck.
    If anyone dares to insult you,
    Just smile and say "Who gives a fuck?"

  12. Send it to Rhianna or Lady gaga they can make a song out of it!

  13. I could use a few drinks right now... Derp...

  14. What's bad about that?
    It's much better than that crazy Pat Hatt.
    It's about wine, how divine.
    Definitely superior to rhyme time.

  15. I liked your ode. Too bad your wine cant read.
    One time I wrote this in my record book
    Dont steal my book,
    Stealing is a shame,
    *** is my name
    My teacher wrote in the corner, if anyone even attempts to steal this dirtiest,filthiest book, please let me know.

  16. Love it.

    And listen to L-Kat! lol.

  17. i had lots of wine last night :)
    so im good.

  18. Rhymes so fine they take place three times

  19. Haha poetry about alcohol is something right up my alley!

  20. Here's my kind of poetry:

  21. It was already good. But it went past good and into True Art when you added the last three "mine"s in parentheses.