Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animals and March Madness!!

Click to make bigger, if you wanna see in all its animal glory
So, some of the animals and I decided to hold our own March Madness Bracket. The current standings are:

Allie: YES! I’m in the lead! WOOHOO!
Popsicle: This is such bullshit! She didn’t even know ANYTHING about basketball until I taught her! How is she beating me??!
Gia: Please note, I’m a respectable 2nd
Popsicle: …I watched all season, I read all the expert analysis…
Kitty: I’m not complaining. I’m not doing bad at this game thing. First time playing!
Popsicle: Are you kidding? Why are your picks doing so well??
Kitty: I just picked the cat-like teams.
Gia: Kitty, you know you can’t seriously pick yourself to win the whole tournament. 
Kitty: Fine, then Kentucky. WILDCATS FOREVER!!
Popsicle: This is so unfair. 
Allie: Why are you so bad at this game, honey?
Popsicle: FUCKING MISSOURI! I had them in my final four!!!
Gia: Sorry, bud. Least you’re not as bad as Ducky.
Ducky: What do the numbers by the teams mean?
Gia: They’re the seeds, Ducky.
Ducky: OHHHHHHH NOW I get it.
Gia: Really? 
Ducky: No. What are seeds?
Allie: The 1 seed is best! Right honey?
Popsicle: Yep.
Allie: So when they play a 16 seed, the 1 seed is probably going to win. Right honey?
Popsicle: Yep.
Allie: And so a 2 seed is more likely to beat a 15 seed…
Popsicle: That’s what you’d THINK. Fucking Missouri and Duke.
Allie: Whoops.
Kitty: Ducky, you’re fucking terrible at this game. 
Ducky: I know….
Kitty: But do you? I mean you picked Harvard to go to the final four. And you picked TEMPLE to win it! TEMPLE!
Ducky: I like them…
Kitty: It’s like you deliberately picked the wrong team EVERY time. I mean if you had flipped a coin you’d have a better bracket than you do right now.
Ducky: You never know! I could come back and win it!
Gia: Um, no Ducky. No, you can’t. Both of your finals teams are out, as a ¾ of your final four teams and 6 out of 8 of your elite 8 teams. 
Ducky: …is that bad?
Gia: Kitty, be nice.
Kitty: Okay okay. Ducky, I am sorry….
Ducky: Thank you-
Allie: I’m number one! I’m number one!
Popsicle: groaaaaaaaan
Allie: Don’t worry babe. I’ll share my prize with you. What do I win, Gia?
Gia: Remember, you all put 5 bucks in? Winner gets the money.
Popsicle: So unfair. 
Allie: I’ll give it to you honey! So you can use it to buy me a present. That way, we both win!
Popsicle: Can’t wait. 
Kitty: It’s not over yet, Allie.
Gia: I agree with Kitty. It’s still anyone’s game.
Kitty: …except Ducky’s. 

Well, it's still early. Are you guys in any March Madness pools? How are your brackets doing?


  1. It's like animal farm but instead of using animals to symbolize class and race struggles, you use it to illustrate my office for the past week. I swear, it sounds like you transcribed my Monday.
    Very funny. Well done.

  2. North Carolina Allie??? Really???

    You know the Gators are still in this thing strong???


  3. I have no clue what's going on. There's a bit of an explanation offered, but I am still confused. March Madness? Basketball? I have watched it once, but that was years ago. I now there's a ball, and a lot of tall people, many of which are black.

    1. *Whisper* I'll just slide myself quietly in behind Nellie since I'm in the same position of not understanding. I did enjoy it - I just didn't get it.

  4. I think I got a headache thinking about the math involved. @_@

    -Barb the French Bean

  5. I hate basketball so that's a resounding no. Also, I seriously have no idea what I just read about seeds and elite teams. Is it football season yet?

  6. I'm with Popsicle. Fucking Duke and Missouri.

  7. I'm cheering for Popsicle because he's my fave! Although, if Ducky wins...that money could go to D.A.R.D.

  8. I have no idea how my bracket is doing. I filled out one online after a buddy emailed me with a link to a Yahoo group but I didn't bother to save it and I have no idea what the username and password are for the Yahoo account I setup specifically for that purpose. Perhaps someday I'll find my note on the subject. In the meantime, I'm fairly sure that since SDSU didn't advance I'm not doing well.

  9. All I need to know about basketball is it has tall, hot men in shorts. Sexist I know; sue me. :D

  10. this is actually my very first encounter with March Madness.... I always just thought it was some kind of sale. Here's hoping you can knock Allie out of the top spot Gia!

  11. I am not in an March Madness pools. I seem to only bother with Football. I should get into it with all this Lin-sanity going on in NY. hahaha

  12. I started out watching with great enthusiasm but then some band members of my team started shouting stupid things and lost their scholarships and were thrown out of the band and embarrassed everyone associated with the team. Plus, my team lost. It kind of wasn't fun for me anymore after that. So I started looking forward to Football, which is my first love, but today someone named Goodell screwed that up too!!

  13. Too busy with classes to pay attention to this kind of stuff unfortunately. :(

  14. Haha! I love Popsicle's reaction. So bitter! :p

    I want to leave a relevant comment but sports and math together make my nose bleed.

  15. Brackets were busted early on! Argh!

    There is an award for you at my place today :O)

  16. Popsicle and I are in the same bracket was trash after those two lost...I still have my other 2 teams in it, but it will not be enough...The thing is, I don't even really care about it. I'm a football fan, I loathe basketball. I came to a school (who is in the sweet 16) for my education, not the popularity of their sports teams (or lack of more recently). BUT, when it comes to making a bracket, every year I'm all over it. I will watch the games, and complain that I don't know what is happening. It's like, voo doo or something.

  17. I didn't do a bracket this year and it's a GOOD THING because mine would be pretty worthless right about now.

  18. I had to stop doing brackets because I suck at them.

    BUT GO KITTY! [I would totally pick every team that was Suniverse-adjacent]