Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Kitty

Hi all! Before we get to today's post, the very awesome Sarcasm Goddess tagged me in another answer-the-question thingy. So, here we go!!

1. What reality show would you most hate to be on? Hoarders. Because that would mean I'm a hoarder, no? I would not like to be that. (Using the same logic, "Intervention" comes in second).

2. Would you rather have your spouse/significant other forget your birthday or buy you a dress that's three sizes too big?  Show your work.
Dress size too big. Because, at least he remembered. Also, too big is better than too small in my book. Too small says, "YOU NEED TO DIET," whereas too big says "Feel free to grow a bit." And Boyfriend would probably make it a part of some joke, cuz he's awesome like that.

3. Where do unicorns get their magic?
From their horn, of course.

4. What dessert best describes you? "wine" a dessert? If not, then is there a dessert that's know for being really insecure?

5. Where do you fall on the paranoia scale: One being totally not paranoid, and Ten being they're out to get me!  Explain.
Why would you ask me that? What is this about? Did someone say I'm paranoid? WAS IT BOYFRIEND?!?

6. Salty or sweet?  I'm talking food, obviously.  But I suppose you can answer that any way you see fit.
Sweet, I guess. But sometimes salty too. I don't know. This is tricky.

7. If a train leaves Boston at 6 a.m. going 100 miles per hour and another train leaves Chicago at 11:00 a.m. going 250 miles per hour at what time will the bacon be most delicious?

Apparently always. My facon (fake bacon) tastes good in the morning....

8. What modern convenience would cause you go sit in the corner and eat your hair if you had to go without it for the rest of your life?
How modern are we talking? Because my answer is either "the internet" or "indoor toilets."

9. What is your least favorite word?

10. Which is creepier, a teletubby or a furby?
Furby. Fo sho.

11. What makes your blog awesome sausage?

Hmmm.....Boyfriend. I'm not trying to be all mushy cuz valentine's day is coming up, but the posts about our relationship are my best ones.

Now, it's time for another Valentine's Day animal! 

Me: Hi Kitty! How are you?
Kitty: HI.
Me: What’s wrong?
Me: Why are you staring like that?
Kitty: I think there is a demon nearby. I need to watch out for it
Me: …near by ME?
Kitty: Maybe.
Me: Whimper.
Kitty: Buck up, Gia. What did you want to ask me about?
Me: Valentine’s day plans?
Kitty: Ah yes, Valentine's Day. Well, let’s just say my Valentine's day involves a can of tuna, some new cat nip, and a freshly killed bird.
Me: Geez, what is with animals and killing things?
Kitty: It’s how we love, bitch.
Me: Um, okay. So who is this special someone you’re going to share it with?
Kitty: Huh?
Me: What do you mean huh?
Kitty: I don’t understand the question. Special someone? 
Me: Yeah. Like a kitty boyfriend? You said its how you love…
Kitty: HA! Bitch, please. I love ME. I’m spending Valentine’s Day with the thing I care about most in the world: ME. The tuna and ‘nip and bird are all for me.
Me: I wonder why cats get the reputation for being self centered.
Kitty: ME ME ME.
Me: Okay okay I get it. 
Kitty: ME. 
Me: Well, have fun with yourself.
Kitty: Oh I will Gia. I will.

I hope Kitty was kidding about the demons.


  1. I recently participated in the whole tagging thing...didn't care for it much! Makes me feel obligated to post crap I don't care about. I felt like it took the quality out of my post.

    Cats are so self centered. Stuck up and snobby! You can only pet them on their terms. Plus the litter box stinks up the whole house!

  2. This is really good, Gia. Which is confusing since you said you weren't good at this type of thing. I agree with you about the reality shows and the sweet but some salty.

    I'm glad you have Boyfriend to write about...and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with him.

  3. This is really good, Gia. Which is confusing since you said you weren't good at this type of thing. I agree with you about the reality shows and the sweet but some salty.

    I'm glad you have Boyfriend to write about...and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with him.

  4. Poor kitty. He is Grinch of Valentine's day it looks like. I want to ask your kitty one question, cats do they really love to eat the grass and is their any possibility of veganism in cats?

  5. I love that damn Kitty! I wonder what counts as a demon in his books..... maybe YOU are the demon!

  6. Didn't you know that cats also watch for zombie sluts that have learned invisibility? But I guess kitty figured you would react badly, and was being kind.

  7. LOL, kitty has hit the nail on the head if u ask me, I might take a leaf out of her book! xx

  8. Kitty looks kinda scared. That's EXACTLY how I feel on Valentine's day. :-p

  9. If you don't like "panties" what do you call them, underwear? Underwear is a much grosser, grandma-invoking word.
    Love me some judgmental kitty.

    1. underwear. much less skeevy to me.

    2. I like knickers.

      (said the tart to the vicar)

  10. I'm with Pickleope here... really want to know what you say instead of panties? lol

    1. underwear. when i'm old i'll say "underwears"

  11. Please don't EVER use the word p--ties again! I seriously twitched when I read that. As for Kitty... it's true. Felines are selfish. Except for my cat, Bug. She will love and cuddle you until you suffocate.

    1. What a way to go! Yep, p-word is weird. Maybe an east coast thing?

    2. Was Michael implying that it was weird? Or just that it made him twitch and so was dangerous? :D

    3. hahaha michael is a lady actually!

  12. My favourite 11 things post I've read :) Kitty is scary...but really, no cats are to be trusted. Ever.

  13. You had the best answers. You always make me laugh...even when I am taking care of a little blonde piling machine with a now. I needed this to keep me from going over the edge.

  14. I like how you'd rather be a meth-addled drug addict than a hoarder. "I mean, sure, I still have my teeth and I'm more than 80 lbs, but look at all this CRAP! This is just embarrassing!"

    Also, I believe quote of the week goes to kitty for, "It's how we love, bitch." That is solid gold. A quote I wish I could steal.

  15. Maybe Kitty should get the Sleep Cycle app to see if the demons come out at 3 a.m.

  16. I have 3 kitties just like them. They are emotionally draining. I dot't have enough energy to cater to all of them.

  17. I swear Molly (hot face kitty) sees ghosts in my house. She is all the time just picking up and darting after stuff no one else can see. I say as long as they don't bother me, she can go for it.

    I think underwear is worse than panties. I have a friend who, if you say the word "moist" around her, she almost throws up.

  18. I don't think Kitty was kidding about the demons... why else would you be eating FAKE bacon? The demons are making you do it.

    Silly girl


  19. Seriously- facon?

    That sounds underwonderful. Is it truly good or just tolerable?

  20. I'm bound to spend my Valentine's day like Kitty. Except for the killing part.

  21. ahaha "it's how we love, bitch". I love it.

  22. Valentine's Day sucks when you don't have a Valentine.


  23. Yes I believe panties is one of the creepiest words in the human language, that and smegma. Don't look it up....the definition is even grosser than the word.

  24. I totally want to know the kitty's answers to those questions.

    That is one rad cat.

    And panties...skeeeeeVAY! agree 100%. I call them 'underpants' and 'underwear'...even though I don't really have a need for any of those words ;-)

  25. Ha! To not have a kitty yet, you've totally got their personalities pegged. And kitty's got a great point. Love yourself and everything else will fall right into place :)

  26. HA! We should all think like Kitty on Valentine's Day. :)

    Very fun list. I think you've got to get your hands on some Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It's the perfect answer to the sweet & salty dilemma.

  27. Just FYI, I think the most insecure dessert in the world is a chocolate souffle. One wrong move, and they're deflated and are no longer a souffle, but a quiche.

  28. Oh - number 5 is so, um - how shall we say it? - Sarcasm Goddessy! (-: So definitely her.
    I love your answers to these.
    I would not want to be featured on hoarders either, or intervention! no-ho-ho way.
    But I think I'd probably rather be on both of those shows at the same time instead of one episode of The Bachelor.

  29. I'm with you on the panties. Makes me immediately think of stalkers at JCPenneys.

  30. Kitty does look a bit gloomy considering she is spending time with ME.

  31. Hahahaha! Kitties know how to do it!

  32. I liked your qualification of modern times. Are we talking indoor toilets or internet?
    Thanks for making me laugh, Kitty. -Ellen

  33. Your answers kill me. I suggest for the salty/sweet conundrum, bacon peanut brittle...or chocolate covered pretzels. Panties is a pretty awful word, but it is trumped, in my mind, by "nostril." SHUDDER.

  34. Sweet or salty should actually read sweet AND salty - because there is nothing like it. It's like heaven in your mouth.

    And Kitty is pretty awesome.

  35. This was so much fun to read. I got tagged twice last week and I am totally stealing some of these questions. Number 5... made me snort! This was such a fun visit!! -LV