Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey, You Know What Can Be Surprisingly Loud? Wind.

Boyfriend and I went to seaside town this weekend, and it was overall a great time.  Here’s a pretty disorganized breakdown of the good/bad of the weekend.

Good: We saw Safe House.
I freaking love Denzel. Seriously, he’s amazing. And Boyfriend was down with going to see Safe House with me. 

Bad: It was only okay. 
I mean it was a fun movie, but I was hoping for training-day-denzel, and it was not that. Pretty much the movie was like this for me:

Et cetera.

Hey, Boyfriend was just grateful I wasn’t pushing him to go see The Vow or that Reese Witherspoon one that I can’t remember but am too lazy to look up.

Bad: We could NOT sleep Saturday night. It was really windy out, and the tarp that was covering a skylight in the bedroom kept flapping on the roof. OH and the poor dogs that are being kept outside (see here) kept barking. [Side note, these people fucking assholes are getting reported.]

Good: What’s good about this, you ask? Well, IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!

I didn’t keep him up with worrying about demons and ninjas and whatnot!!

Back to bad: Fuck, I was tired too.

He went on the roof the next day and it was super scary and totally reminded me of this. Luckily he didn’t fall.

Good: Kitty visited!
So, there’s this kitty that lives in the area – it was abandoned by a family that moved away, but we think a neighbor is taking care of it. Sometimes it comes around when we’re at the house, and it strolls right in when we open the door. Then I follow it around and pick it up and coo a bit because SQUEEEEEEEE KITTY!!!

Bad: It definitely loves Boyfriend way more than me. It’s unfair, but he’s super good with animals. I can’t compete.

Worse: Boyfriend had to tell me to “keep my thoughts to myself.” 
Apparently this was not appreciated:

Good: I gave Boyfriend these heart covered boxers for Valentine’s Day:

Better: He liked them!


Sexy Boyfriend eye candy for y'all.

All in all, it was a great weekend.


  1. love the boxers. i would wear them too :p

  2. Seeing Denzel makes me happy in the pants. Umm, why are you standing up during the movie?

    It would have been better if he was holding the kitty while he wore the boxers. Then you get sexy and adorable together.

  3. I saw your boyfriend's underpants!! Thank youuuuuuu!! Haha.
    Love the kitty comments. I do that too. Perhaps I should shut my pie hole.

  4. Lol... another entertaining post! Sounds like a great weekend - no matter how loud the wind was!

  5. Ha ha... The boxers are just adorable.

  6. What lovely PANTIES you gave Boyfriend (sorry, couldn't resist. Of course they aren't PANTIES, I just know you hate the word and this was my first opportunity to use it.).
    The problem with cats is that they respond to indifference like sorority girls.

  7. I also LOVE Denzel, but the movie looks pretty eh to me. Not interested in eh.

    This means war (that movie with whatsherface) looks boring. I debated seeing it because of Tom Hardy, but I will not sit through some crappy movie just so I could possibly see Tom without his shirt on. I just won't do it!

  8. Boyfriend is hot in his new boxers.

  9. I love when I can prance around, gloating, "It's not my fault, it's not my fault." Best feeling ever. Rarely happens, but best feeling ever.

  10. HAHAHA Love the boxers! I got similar ones for my boyfriend - he wore them too, I think he hated himself after though! xxxxx

  11. There wasn't enough Denzel in it??? I will NOT be seeing it

  12. Instead of more cowbell, I'm always saying, "You know what this needs? More Denzel!" No one gets it, 'cause it really doesn't make any sense, but it makes me laugh.

    I love cheesy things like those boxers. I once bought a boyfriend undies with glow in the dark hearts on them and he came in the bedroom after standing in a bright bathroom to "charge them up," turned off the lights, and proceeded to do a dance so all I saw were shaking hearts. It was spectacular.

  13. Reese movie: This Means War. I need to see that.. and The Vow.. and Safe House.. and sooo many others.

    Boyfriend has nice legs.

  14. Great boxers! Hubs doesn't wear boxers or I would definitely get him a pair like that! And don't feel bad about the cat liking BF better. Hubs merely tolerates our cat and she crawls all over him when we're sitting on the sofa. He's an extreme animal whisperer -- I've NEVER seen an animal that didn't like him!

  15. oh my, those are some sexy boxers....

  16. Great gift choice. I'm glad he agreed to model them on the internet for all of us. But why is he making you keep all those awesome thoughts to yourself? It seems like he'd want to know that the kitty was walking around and stuff.

  17. We had a stray cat hanging around when we lived in San Juan. I loved me, but hissed at anyone else that came within 10 feet. I think it was rabid.

  18. We had a kitty coming around just like that. Then one day he was gone. He liked DH better than me too. The question remains...did he keep them on? Enquiring minds want to know...

    On a side note, I have given you an award. You can find it here:

    You can choose to participate...or not. Totally up to you. I just want you to know I appreciate your creativity!

  19. Happy Belated BD young one. As to the dogs from last weekend. If I were closer I'd totally help you. I had an asshole neighbor who was going to leave her dogs outside during a hurricane.

    Eventually I convinced her to allow them into the garage at least. The next week each of them ran away to wonderful new homes with my help. She never even looked for them. Sometimes people just suck.

  20. I would bet that better than best was when Boyfriend took those heart boxers off ;-)

  21. Oh no! I can't stop thinking about abandoned kitty and the poor dogs!

    People suck.

  22. "It wasn't my fault". "Fuck, I was tired too". Haha!

    Isn't that always the way though?

  23. Great boxers. Anybody who has any sense knows that dogs shouldn't be left outside. They are pack animals and they need to be with their families. Two of my babies are outside, but they'll come in as soon as they're ready. Baby #Three is asleep next to me. I love your cartoons.


  24. SQUEEE!!! Eye CANDY! I totally lime that!

  25. Hahaha, you're hilarious.

    Squeeeeeeeeeee all things Denzel and kitty related. I think we are sisters from another mother or something like that.

    We saw the movie yesterday, and I gotta say I was not impressed by Denzel's final scene. And they made Ryan Reynolds out to be such a pussy right from the start.



  26. It isn't your fault - cats like a challenge. I'm allergic and if they see me I'm like the damn Pied Piper of Cats.

  27. Does Boyfriend know he is now mancandy for pretty much the entire internet?

    I love the part where you celebrate that it isn't your fault. That should always be celebrated.


  28. I'm telling you, my husband would probably not have been as happy to have heart boxers as your boyfriend. Haha! They probably would have ended up being the last resort pair when it was time to do laundry.

    P.S. Denzel = <3

  29. I'm a little disappointed that Safe House isn't a better movie but the trailer did leave me thinking it would be on par with that runaway train movie he did recently, which was OK but not very memorable.

    Also, you two spend a lot of time in the seaside town from what I've seen.

    1. I liked the runaway train movie. I thought it was exciting, and not just because Denzel gives me the female equivalent of a hard-on.

      Janie Junebug

  30. Love your pictures! Squeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllll!