Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D.A.R.D. Update and some Questions

For background on DARD, go here. 

Me: Hey Ducky!
Ducky: Gia! You’re the best!
Me: FINALLY, an animal that appreciates me. 
Ducky: Yeah yeah. Let’s talk more about DARD! 
Me: How’d that coming along for you?
Ducky: GREAT, especially since you blogged about duck rape awareness. Your readers are now all well informed.
Me: Yeah, and two blogs even put the button on their site! It’s spreading like wildfire!
Ducky: WHOA, Gia. Whoa.
Me: What’s wrong?
Ducky: We don’t say that. 
Me: Say what?
Me: It’s just an expression. 
Ducky: Do you know how many animal friends I’ve lost to wild fires? I wouldn’t say “Boy it’s spreading like AIDS in the 80’s.”
Me: Whoa.
Ducky: Exactly, Gia. Have some respect.
Me: ANYWAYS,  Ach du Lieber, Jayne! http://www.achdulieberjayne.com/ and Candy for Breakfast http://www.candyforbfast.com/ BOTH support DARD on their blogs. 
Ducky: …I bet they don’t make light of wildfires…
Me: Oh come on Ducky. I’m sorry. Don’t be like that.
Ducky: My feathers are ruffled.  I can’t help it. I’m a very sensitive bleeding heart duck. 
Me: I know Ducky, that’s why I love you.
Ducky: Are you coming on it to me again??
Me: NO! Sheesh. Hey but look – I’m putting  a list of DARD supporters on the sidebar under the DARD button to create a real community of anti duck rape. Does that make you feel better?
Ducky: It does! 
Me: Anything else you want to promote?
Ducky: We’re having a “Take Back the Pond” Rally this weekend! DUCKS AGAINST RAPING DUCKS! NO MEANS NO! 
Me: Good luck with your rally, Ducky.
Me: Yeah yeah, I got it.

If you have the DARD button on your site, let me know so I can add you to the list of supporters!

And in other news, Wicked Awesomology was kind enough to tag me in another one of those questions thingys! 

1. What would be your second choice for a book to take to a desert island, if your first choice was eaten by a beluga?
"Surviving on a Desert Island for Dummies."

2. MacDonald’s or Burger King, if you had to choose, and why?
BK. They have veggie burgers.

3. What was the last album (CD, MP3, whatever) that you purchased?
Lady Gaga's Born This Way. Unapologetically.

4. What genre would you love to be able to write well in, but have never attempted?



5. Would you eat green eggs and ham?
Only the eggs. I'm a vegetarian.

6. What is worse for you than bending back a fingernail?
Bending back TWO fingernails.

7. Who do you admire that is not related to you?
Anyone who owns a cat. Weird? Maybe. I want a kitty.

8. What is an alternate name for your blog?
The Drunken Vegetarian

9. Where would you spend your dream vacation and why?
The Island of Kitties. Or somewhere else. With beaches and nice water and no snorkeling because that's how men tend to murder their partners (looking at you, Boyfriend). And lots of alcohol, but no gang violence. Also, it'd be nice if I could get there in a way that isn't flying. 

10. What is your rejected pen name?
...The Drunken Vegetarian...

11. Why did you decide to answer these questions?
Why not? They weren't too hard.


  1. "Spreading like Aids in the 80's"!?! If I was Magic Johnson I probably wouldn't find this as funny...who am I kidding, that dude doesn't have Aids, he'd laugh.
    And really, you admire ANYONE who owns a cat? Even those nutty cat-hoarders?

  2. I'm glad to see ducks finally joining the fight against rape, unlike several other animals I could mention. I'm looking at you, vultures!

  3. Fun post once again... Ducky is so cool...

  4. Aw. I'm sure the ducks love you :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Gia!

    Ducky quacks me up! (sorry)

  6. Literally stunned into silence at DARD. :-)

    If there's an Isle of Kitties, I might have to join you. I love cats.

  7. An Isle of Kitties would mean lots of cat and lots of sand. Think about the consequences of that. Don't take off your sandals and watch where you put your beach towel. Just saying.

    Thanks for the mention, by the way!

  8. Bending back TWO fingernails is the worst! I've done it.

  9. I've got a button. I feel so.. admired! I like "The Drunken Vegetarian" If you EVER need to change names that's got my vote.

  10. Those were good questions. Can I be The Drunken Rare Steak Eater? That doesn't sound as good though....

  11. I've seen the act myself and couldn't stop it. Wtf is wrong with ducks.

    Also, BK VEGGIE BURGERS!! For junk food they're pretty delicious if you're on a road trip or in a pickle.

    Don't change to Drunken Vegetarian. Because I want to.

    Damn now I want a veggie burger for breakfast. Frack.

  12. I have added D.A.R.D. to my blog...because that is what "Shameful Promotions" is all about. Also because I would like to see an end to the duck raping..it's just not right! By having your button on my page, that automatically makes you an affiliate of Shameful Promotions. Congratulations!

    You will learn more about Shameful Promotions and how it works as I finish getting it put together.

    Also, I could've done without the bending back of the fingernail part. I cringe at the very thought of it...ouch!!! Ever see that movie "Stir of Echos"? If you have then you know the part I'm talking about. That is the scariest part in the whole movie!

  13. Poor ducky.... I hope she manages to get her pond back and not get raped while doing it. We can but hope for her....

  14. "occupy pond?". I could truly sense the commitment to the cause DARD. I support this truly, I i need to have this duck interviewed for my blog. Anything for sorry against duck rape right?

  15. We have ducks and geese that roam around our neighborhood. There are more ducks and geese appearing every day. Something's wrong here don't you think? I am thinking it's DARD!!!

    Also, I <3 Lady Gaga unapologetically too. She is standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. That is most definitely something I can get behind.

  16. I'm surprised you didn't go with the name Drunken Vegetarian. I like it! And I like your choice of book for the desert island. Very wise.

  17. I was going to...but...oh no, Lady Gaga...eww...bye.

  18. I Like The Whopper/***** the Big Mac.

  19. BK has a veggie burger? How have I been a vegetarian for 2 years and didn't know that??? Sigh...

  20. I am now a proud supporter of DARD on my blog! Love it!

  21. I never know what to expect on your blog. And I don't think I could write erotica. I think I'd run out of words for "penis", and then I'd have to write "member", and that's just wrong.

  22. I laughed. I laughed a lot. Great stuff.

  23. One D.A.R.D. button installed. I cannot sit by and allow this to go on and do nothing. Having once own a duck (I'm not joking there) I believe this is something that has been in the dark too long! Anything I can do to help spread awareness, I'm there.

    As for MISS Pricilla, every family has to have a snooty one. I think you've found yours.