Monday, February 13, 2012

Caaan You Feeel the Loooove Toniiiight

You guys remember Allie and Popsicle? Well, if you need to catch up, check out their first interaction here

They’ve had another run in recently:

Allie: Woe is me!!!!!
Poor upset Allie.

Popsicle: I wonder how I can sabotage this blowdryer so that it doesn’t work…

Me: Hey! Stop it Popsicle. I need that. 
Me: Oh, hush.
Allie: I SAID, “WOE IS ME.”
Me: What’s wrong Allie?
Allie: Go away Gia! I’m trying to get his attention! 
Me: Oh okay, good luck with that. 

Allie: *flops in front of Popsicle * WOE IS ME.
Popsicle: Uh, something wrong there Allie?
Allie: It’s almost Valentine’s day and I’m all alone! 
Popsicle: Valentine’s day is for the birds. 
Allie: Oh, so they can find love??
Popsicle: That’s not what that phrase means…
Popsicle: What about lovemonkey? He seems like a perfect Valentine’s date.

You probably can't see it, but that heart says "I love you." 

Allie: You mean WHOREMONKEY? It took WEEKS to clear up what he gave me!
Popsicle: TMI Allie.
Allie: Hey, it’s cleared up, okay?
Popsicle: Listen, I got to go break a blowdryer…
Allie: Oh come on, cut Gia a break. She really needs it to look even marginally attractive for Boyfriend. 
Popsicle: He can’t be dating her for her looks.
Allie: Haha no, of course not… 
Me: SERIOUSLY?? I can still hear you guys!
Allie: …but she likes to try. Just like how I wear this bow, see? 

Popsicle: Well, I suppose I could hold off my blowdryer destruction til after this silly faux holiday….
Allie: Aw! You’re so sweet!!
Popsicle: That’s…not an awful bow you have there, Allie.
Allie: REALLY?!?!
Popsicle: Don’t get so excited.
Allie: I can’t help it! Will you –
Popsicle: -don’t ask what I think you’re going to ask –
Allie: -be my valentine?!?
Popsicle: No.
Allie: Please?
Popsicle: No.
Allie: Why not?
Popsicle: You’re distracting me from my mission. 
Allie: Everyone deserves a little fun.
Popsicle: grrr….I don’t know.
Allie: PLEASE?!
Popsicle: …I guess.

Popsicle: Take it down a notch, Allie. 
Allie: I can’t. I’m too excited. HUG ME!

Awwww, how sweet.


  1. Ah romance...wait...Ah inter-species romance. Can't wait for the unnatural abomination that results. Presuming the date goes well of course. But if they team up against your hairdryer, it means problems from Gia. You have to break them up.

  2. I meant problems "for" Gia. Proofreading is not one of my talents.

  3. Gia, I really love you. Thank you so much for the laughs and illustrations this morning. I really needed it. :-)

  4. Did I get a sense of a love triangle here? Hmmm....

  5. Thank you, I needed a chuckle today x

  6. Love triangle?! Isn't that just a polite way to say threesome!!? Now we're talking. Gia, can we take sign-ups?

  7. A gator and a in perfect harmony! How sweet it is!

  8. Is Allie wearing lipstick and fingernail polish..? At least she spruced up.

  9. Allie really gave it to whoremonkey. Errr, I mean lovemonkey.

    Glad to see them getting along well. I just don't want to see what the babies would look like...

  10. I love your style! Such a nice combination of sweetness and freaky humour... Great post - look forward to what you come up with next.

  11. Their mutant hybrid toy babies will be illegitimate and mild uncomfortable to snuggle I'm sure. Oh love!

  12. Allie is a little sexually agressive, no? :)

  13. I think you need to get the tablet out Gia and imagineer us up a polargator.

  14. The first picture of Allie in her funny! She has this sweet bow that I can picture on either of my girls and then there is her open mouth and teeth that can rip you to shreds. Still laughing...

  15. How very sweet! They deserve each other!

  16. That's so romantic...the way she had to beg him to be her Valentine and all. I need to go wipe the tears from my eyes now.

  17. I feel uncomfortable. Not sure where to go from here.....

  18. Allie sure does make the rounds. I hope she's being SAFE!